Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Success with One Shoulder Carries

If you remember my earlier post of Distribution of Baby's Weight, you will remember that one shoulder carrier simply refers to using a carrier where the weight is mainly on one shoulder... it can be the pouch, the ring sling, the selendang, the tie-it-your own batik etc... I think you get the idea.

Whether it is one shoulder, two shoulders or torso carries, you will know (when you try them) that the ONE common IMPORTANT point is to have your baby SNUGLY tied on, keeping baby as close to you as possible.

Experiment: try having a backpack full of books and wear it loosely, even have it dangling from your back... try it again, with the same number of books and adjust the straps to make it closest possible to your body when you wear it. Feel the difference?

You might have remembered that one shoulder carries works best for little ones who are less heavy while two shoulders carries works well into toddlerhood. Then again, I am sure many will agree with me that one shoulder carriers, especially of the pouch type, are the most convenient to bring along on trips. Whether we like it, going out of the house is when we need the carriers most. Also, remember, having a heavy baby in a one shoulder carrier is better than having to carry baby with your bare hands...

So, what can we do to make the most out of our one shoulder carriers (this seems to be the only option to Malaysians, to date)?

  • Instead of using one, use two carriers, crossing across your body to carry heavier babies.
  • I know this is difficult (especially when you have gotten used to it) but try to alternate between the shoulders.
  • shift your baby around you... in other words, instead of just having your little one on the side all the time, adjust him/her to the front, tummy to tummy or even to the back (if you are confident with this) to allow the weight to be borne by different parts of your body.

Any more? Please do share.

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