Monday, January 21, 2008

Doggie Attire

As far as special requests are concerned, this is by far the most special request that is way out of Peekaroobaby's products...
Fie Fie is my brother's dog. Looking at how attached to the sewing machine I am these days, my brother wondered if I could make a special attire for Fie Fie... ok, I'll try... result? Not too bad, if I'd say so myself.
It is of knit cotton material (T-shirt) and it was a tester fabric that I purchased to try for slings. As claimed by most DIY instructions, this kind of stretchy material is just NOT suitable for a sling... it stretches too much. Even with the right size, Arthur kept falling lower and lower until his bum was hitting my thigh... so, just chopped it off and turned it into attire for Fie Fie.
Thinking of it now, I shouldn't have cut it off. I could have saved it to show our group of Malaysian Babywearers what it means to sew a sling out of this fabric. **regret**


Sweetiepie said...

dog attire you also know how to really are super you have to measure the dog figure ha?LOL Btw do you mind if i add your link to my blogroll?thanks

Jess said...

Hi Sweetiepie, Don't really have to measure the dog... I dare not go near dogs hahah... just used one of its other attire.

Of course I won't mind being in your blogroll. Thanks! I am honoured.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

amazing piece again! well, you should save the fabric to show us but never mind.
you know what, you can do the patchwork attire for the dog with those leftover fabric, I think it looks nice.