Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where to get those info??

My pregnant friends, have you heard of Baiboo? Or, perhaps, CooCooMamPapa?

If you are wondering where all those out there are getting those info on pregnancy and parenting, these are just some of the sites you might want to stop by to check out. Dear me did not get a chance while I was pregnant.. wished I knew of them, though... especially Baiboo as gaining their membership means getting discounts to a number of things. ;)

Anyway, my friends, I find these useful:

Pregnancy Without Pounds
I signed up for their newsletters since I was pregnant and am still getting the tips to date! Great tips, too. It's not only on pregnancy but also breastfeeding and more. Of course, tips of losing those pregnancy weight.

You don't need to buy the book or anything. Just sign up for the newsletter!

Heinz Australia
I check this for food ideas. Some are great, some are not. Mostly simple and nice

The Baby Wearer
My online babywearing bible, along with The Mamatoto Project

Susu Ibu
The Malaysian advocate website for breastfeeding Moms. Also check WABA

The Diaper Pin
Where I read up on Cloth Diapers and search for their reviews and ratings. Also on cloth pads, too (if you are interested)

Be careful, though as all of those sites can be addictive ;)

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