Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"STOP!" This is Important

I read somewhere, sometime ago that it is important to teach your little one to "Stop". I was trying hard to find it again in order to put a proper quote and perhaps share the article in my blog but no.. just can't seem to find it. Parenthood?? Pratical Parenting?? Newspapers?? Internet... Nope... just can't seem to find it again... (if you know which it is, please let me know)

Anyway, I believe it is a very useful tip that every parent or caregiver should take note of.

The title of the article caught my attention most of all... "Stop! It can save your child".. or something similar.

Briefly, it's about getting your child to stop whatever they are doing every time they hear the word "Stop"

How could it save a child's life? Well, the article was based mainly on practising road safety. Notice how children will just dash out to the roads without looking around? If you get them used to 'stop'... all you have to do is just to shout it out and they would stop.

Ever since reading that article a few months ago, I took the advise on practising to "Stop" with Arthur... play games where the action stops once 'stop' is shouted out.

In particular, Arthur has got this wooden hammering toy from Ikea. So, I'd play with him and ask him to hammer the pegs and showed him what it meant to 'stop'. Held his hand away from the action as I said 'stop'.

I would sometimes get him to dance and just when he is into it, shout 'stop' and he would understand what I mean.

Does it work? You bet it does. All I'm saying is, it's worth a try. With Arthur, it's working to stop him from crying (yes... it does the trick) and stop him from getting at things he shouldn't lay his hands on.. though sometimes, after stopping, he would continue just to be naughty...

It IS USEFUL. The thing is, the more you practise with your child, the more it's in his head and whenever he hears the word "STOP", whether he wants it or not, it's like automatic reflex already.

And, I sure hope that if he does dash out to the road one day, he would also respond to "STOP".

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