Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally, I've made a CD!

Yes! I've finally made a CD! Double yes! It is out of recycled T-shirts. Cotton T-shirts are good...

I know I've missed out on some photos... too bad I didn't realised it until the CD is done. Arrrghhh... I so should have taken the photos of the worn out T-shirts I used. Used one of mine and one of DH's.

To my pleasant surprise, the fit came out to be nice.. I was actually just trying it out and yes, this is the very FIRST CD I made. Quite happy with myself...

Anyway, this fitted CD is constructed with a total of 12 layers of the cotton T-shirt material - 4 layers for the casing and 8 hidden layers for the soaker... results? Still not as absorbent as those on sale though it is still much better than the lampin.

All I can say is.. No.2 will sure benefit from this ;)

See my proud little one?


Rayhana said...

Hi there Jess!

Wow, great job on the home-made CD.

I was wondering if you could make some training pants? THey seem to be really expensive huh? :/

Also, since I am already leaving a comment, would you be able to tell me if we can get material that can be used for a wrap, here in Malaysia?

What sort of material should we look for?


Peridot&Sapphire said...

amazing! you are the first one who did it! Yes... better than lampin. Shall ask you on how to DIY too...

Jess said...

Hi Rayhana, Thanks for the compliment ;)

For training pants, if you are already on CDs, you can actually just use those with the snaps. I am trying to teach Arthur how to take them off like pants and it worked.

Don't think I'll be sewing any training pants as we do not have that laminated PUL fabric here... that's what took me so long to try sewing a CD.

Material for wrap? It can ba almost anything. So long it is comfy. You need to get lightweight ones, though so that your little one will not feel hot. Main thing is to learn to wrap, before anything. Once you start, you'll start experimenting with the fabric, for sure. Will sure blog about this one day ;) Just give me time to experiment with it first.

Jess said...

Hi Sharine, I'm not too sure if I'm the first to do it here but I am certainly glad I got the pattern right the very first time ;)

You can sure ask me for it anytime ;)

Sweetiepie said...

you are great in doing this's so beautiful..i like it alot.Do you sell that!

Jess said...

Hi Sweetiepie, I won't be selling those CDs I make. They are made from recycled clothing. I don't mind sharing the pattern, though ;)