Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My "Thank God I've discovered babywearing" moment

I never really planned on this post but have been reading other Momma's blog on how clingy our little ones could get especially when they are unwell... this moment of mine flashed past in front of me.

So, why am I so into babywearing?

To begin with, my Little Arthur was a colicky and clingy baby. Needs a cuddle all the time... the advise from those around me? Still clear in my head... "... you gotta train him from young. Let him cry a while and it will be alright... if you hold him more, he'll be more clingy!"... Me? Then? Simply confused. Main concern: "What??!! My baby is barely a month old!" Anyway, you can read more on this from my previous post on attachment parenting.

So, when was my "Thank God I've discovered babywearing moment"? Well, for Sharine, she's starting to wear her little one who's got clingy from a bout of diarrhea. In comparison to my moment, in a way, she's lucky to know the reason behind the cling-i-ness.

One night last September, my little one just couldn't stop crying. Sudden breakouts... no warning bells... not unwell in any way (to us)... It was definitely a night to remember as it was a night I never got any sleep... a night, for the first time in his life (he was clingy and demanding before but not as bad as this), that he has to be carried (in my case, worn) to sleep throughout the night... every time I tried to put him down, he jumped awake... literally. And, he only wants his Momma and no one else. A night when I was desperately worried as I haven't got a clue what's wrong. I was just trying my best to soothe my baby.

Dilemma is, my slings are drying on the lines and I have none to wear him with... I didn't have as many as I have now,just two... though I have a new one lying around (meant to be a gift for a friend who just welcomed a newborn). So, I was trying my best to carry him with my bare hands... trying to soothe him to sleep.. hoping to put him down when he's in deep sleep but deep sleep never happened... and, my arms and hands were aching...

After an hour carrying him (in the a.m.)with my bare hands, I gave up... tired and exhausted, I was already complaining on why I'm the only one he wants (my Sis, Mom, DH offered to help carry but Arthur just screamed when they approached)... so, without further thoughts, I decided to break into the new sling meant for my friend (adding another sling to my collection... well, eventually got another one for my friend) and lucky I did, too, as I was only able to soothe Arthur enough to put him on the bed at 6 am! Yes... worn him to sleep and through sleep for more than 6 hours... the bout started around midnight.

Looking back at it... what if I didn't have a sling then. How would it have ended if I didn't know about babywearing? I'm sure you know the answer... BAD ACHES all over.

By chance, my family (Mom, Sis and family) was here on a visit and first on their thoughts.. "Why is Arthur suddenly so clingy?" Yes... though a colicky and clingy baby as a start, he's grown to be very sociable by then and usually not as clingy anymore... second (not sure if it's the same with most of you)... "Was he 'frightened'? Better go to the temple to check tomorrow morning"...

Me? I'm not a temple person so, first thing next morning, we went to the Paeditrician. Turned out it was an ear infection. Now, why didn't we suspect that? Honestly, who would?

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