Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 2008 Market Day

I cannot believe the it's the end of the month again. Setting up stall at the Little Penang Street Market constantly reminds me that time is indeed flying... 12 times a year and the year is over! Imagine that!

The market was moving at a slower pace today compared to the previous two. Perhaps, it's the fast approaching Chinese New Year... busy spring cleaning? busy shopping for CNY goods?... neither applies to me, at the moment.

On this particular market day, I have started giving out babywearing information and meeting updates. These are being printed at home at the moment but I am hoping to be able to earn enough in the future to be able to fund professionally printed babywearing brochures and information and hold regular babywearing workshops... am I thinking too much? Is it too much to fantasize that we will one day have a babywearing conference in Malaysia?

Anyway, as usual, my little one enjoys himself at the market and made many new friends...These are the Mime Artists that went around... 'stunned'

What made my day??....

Don't you think he's just so handsome? No... not my hubby... my little Arthur


Sweetiepie said...

OH!you are so lucky to be there.emm did you buy any thing home?No,You are not thinking too're business minded.I am glad you are positive in doing a business.Hope you success one day.I am sure i will support your babywear.HA ve a nice day!

Jess said...

Thanks, sweetiepie. All I am hoping is to make enough to fund my meetings... handouts and all..