Sunday, October 26, 2008

IBW Celebration Now Launched!!

It's here now!! International Babywearing Week 2008 celebrations by Malaysian Babywearers is finally here!!
Check out the MBW Blog and check out the many contests and prizes that awaits you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Babywearing Workshop in KL

In conjunction with International Babywearing Week, Malaysian Babywearers is organising a Babywearing Workshop at Teeny Tiny Tapir, Ampang.

For a mere RM20 admission fees, which is fully redeemable on any carriers purchased on the day, refreshments are provided and you get a feast on your eyes with a Babywearing Show featuring different carrier options!

What's more??!! You get to try on the carrier of your choice and if you get lucky, you might even win yourself a sling in the Lucky Draw!

Limited to 40 persons only. RSVP by emailing malaysianbabywearers-at-gmail-dot-com.

Do it now so you don't miss out!

Check out Malaysian Babywearers' blog for more details on the many other events and contests it is organising for International Babywearing Week!

Getting There...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peek-a-Vouchers are now available

Scratching your head looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than Peekaroobaby's customisable gift vouchers.

Have a specific gift in mind (e.g.a Peek-a-Pouch) but unsure of the recipient's preference or styles? Get a totally customisable Peek-a-Voucher where you can either choose a specific amount (e.g. RM20, RM50 etc.) or a specific gift (e.g. Peek-a-Pouch Premium, Peek-a-Sense Squares etc.)

What's even better? Get a reply and print off your voucher in a matter of hours so you can present it as you wish. No postage involved!

Want a better print out? Get the voucher printed and delivered to you or to the recipient with just RM3 postage rate!

Now, that's as flexible as flexible can get :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celebrate International Babywearing Week!

~click on above image to enlarge the info/map~

Forget designer duds—our passion is wearing our little ones!

That's because babywearing—which simply means holding an infant or toddler in a baby carrier—offers numerous benefits.

Malaysian Babywearers are celebrating this practice during International Babywearing Week, November 12 to 18, 2008. Join us as we launch our month-long celebration in conjuntion with International Babywearing Week 2008 at the Little Penang Street Market on the 26th October 2008.

The event features a promotional booth with info and exhibits promoting the act of babywearing and its benefits. There will also be a charity fund raising sales, kids colouring contest, info treasure hunt & lucky draw. A babywearing show, showcasing different options in babywearing, will take centrespace around 2.00 pm.

New to babywearing? Come and find out more. Try on the carrier of your choice and get advice and tips from those who know!

Experienced in babywearing? Come and share you thoughts or just to have fun!

Bring your kids along to participate in the colouring contest. Bring your camera for a nice family day out. And, who knows, your photo could be the winning entry for our photo contest lauching the same day at Malaysian Babywearers!

See you there!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

When Mom gets a day off... it's Daddy's day!

It's been some time since I shared anything parenting related in particular...

Recently, I've been catching up on reading again as I try to spend more time with my little one. We have reading times together and then, we'll both grab a book of our own fancy and read on for a while... that probably explains the lack of my blog posts nowadays, though there are lots more reasons where my time goes these days.

Anyway, I have been reading mostly parenting books and magazines and came across on the importance of Dad being more than a playmate, and how we can try to enhance the bonding between Dads and children... Moms take a day off **wicked smile**

Most of us would know how important it is for the father figure to play a part in the development of a child and in most cases (at least those I know of), Dads tend to end up being the playmate while Mom takes the roles and responsibilities of providing primary care and disciplining the child. While we are not suggesting a change of roles here, it is more of Dad and child growing to be more than playmates... growing with that special bond and trust that they can trust, respect and believe in each other... something that lacks in our family despite my many attempts to remind Dad of what's 'nutritious food' and what's 'good manners' etc.

While most books or magazines suggests more time with Dad, not many will suggests Mom not being in the picture at all... Adventurous me believed in the article in Australian Parenting magazine that Mom will need to be away for Dad to know that he is totally in charge... that the child is now all under his care. If Mom were still in the house, meals will still be prepared by Mom, Dad/child will call out to Mom when they cannot find something they want to play with etc... if Mom's not there... well, they just have to figure it out :)

From Oct 2008, Mom will get a 'day off' a month and completely stay away from Dad, son and house...

The idea of me getting a day off was appealing but really, my day off was indeed tiring as I stay away from the house for more than 12 hours... without calling home to check. Gladly, Dad realised the importance of this all and did not call to check for things... yes, he managed :D If I were not lucky enough to have invite to dinner... I would not have known where to spend those 12 hours! Now, I need to start planning what I should be doing on my next day off...

Anyway, what you must be curious to know is... the result... yes, we are talking about just Dad and child ... no helpers, no grandparents around... just the two. And, no, Mom did not prepare anything in advance for them... no food, no plans...

From the time I stepped into the door... it was 10.30pm and I was hoping that my son would be sleeping (then again, his bedtime is usually past 11pm)... there was a welcoming hug from my boy and hubby :D , with Arthur going "Momma's back"... you can tell from his face how much he misses having me around but no, he's not crying... he's glad! The night ended with cuddles and Momma cleaning him up and getting him ready for bed... for once, I'm all ears listening to him relate what happened with Dad in the day (Mom left before he woke)... I was amazed at his ability to remember and to tell me most of what happened... Dad nodding in agreement at the back...

Today, as we spend the day together (as family, all 3 together)... I must say jealousy is already builing up, looking at Dad and Son having 'something' they've learned to do together that I do not know of... and how my Son is now more trusting towards Dad and how Dad actively takes on the role of ensuring Son gets a full stomach... things that I'd say would never happen if I did not take the 'day off'...

Today, as I see them together... it's as though I've been away for ages and tuned out of lots of things... secretly glad and happy that they have this new found understanding and fondness of each other ...

Are we looking at the next Mom's 'day off'?... For me... it is tiring but if it helps Dad and Son build that special relationship, I am sure I'll be able to plan some activities for myself ;p... Dad... "rather not" but he's saying this with a smile and a cheeky grin...

Mom: Did you enjoy yourself with Di-e Di-e today?
Son: (smiled and nodding his head)
Mom: Do you want to do this again?
Son: (shaking head)

Friday, October 3, 2008

And now, I need....

... a new baby!

Well, well... sadly, it has now come to the stage now where Arthur finally pick the stroller over me... in a way, it is good timing, too. As comfy as a wrap could be, Arthur is ever growing and I must (sadly and teary-eyed) admit that if no longer feels totally comfortable wearing him. Especially when he is quite tall for his age (as commented by many), his dangling legs somehow makes it harder.

Of late, my babywearing journey has seen me showing more and more people how to wear a baby and that gives me the opportunity to wear a baby! Sometimes, I so miss that feeling.... how I wish I can borrow the baby for a day!

Hmmm.... in the world of babywearing, babies just grow too fast. Mom simply does not have enough time to try out all there is.