Saturday, May 31, 2008

International Babywearing Week 2008

Yes, you read it right! There will be an International Babywearing Week, celebrating, well, babywearing and we, Malaysian Babywearers, are going to be part of it ;)

So, gear up and look out for more information from us.

Meanwhile... we might just want you to know that a great babywearing photo would come in handy then.. stay tuned ;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From baby to toddler

Last Saturday's Penang Babywearers Gathering, "Eyes on Pouch" seen us discussing and trying off some of the tricks that are not commonly known to pouch users.

The first wonder of all... what most people will find hard to believe is that the same pouch can actually fit a baby to a toddler, by just using different carrying positions.

It was great of Debz to try out the pouch with both her little ones, Jack, 5 months and Oscar 3 years... now, we can see clearly that the same pouch can fit ;)

Debz with 5-months old Jack
Debz with 3-year old Oscar

Friday, May 23, 2008

Calling Malaysian Babywearers

I have a dream...

... it is one where babywearing is being practiced by most parents in Malaysia...
... it is one where Malaysia will one day have it's very own babywearing conference, just like what they have overseas...
... it is one where babywearing is nothing unusual and rather than people asking about what it is, they will stop by each other and discuss about the many ways their babies is being worn...
... it is one where babywearing is finally a norm...

This dream of mine have motivated me to start Peekaroobaby...

... this dream of mine have motivated me to start organising regular babywearing gatherings (only in Penang and KL at the moment but sure hope that it will expand to more states)

... this dream of mine have given me a whole new meaning to parenting

As of today, this dream of mine is one step closer to becoming a reality as we move forward to set up "Malaysian Babywearers" as a stand-alone, non-profit organisation in the name of babywearing.

I am glad there are others who are keen to join me on this journey in realising the dream. Then again, it does take more than a few... are you up to it? Would you like to join us in babywearing advocacy in Malaysia?

All for the name of babywearing...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

KL Babywearers 1st Official Gathering

It was the very first official KL Babywearers Gathering and it was mainly a meet and greet session :) where those interested in babywearing joined to check out what babywearing is all about.

There are also quite a few who attended just pick up tips on babywearing with what they already have... mainly the pouch and the ring slings.

With the help of a member of the Malaysian Babywearers, we are able to gather at a free space where food is provided... thanks heaps!

Arthur busy showing people around the place
Just at the right time, after the demonstrations with the bear, my little Arthur asked to be worn in the pouch! So much for his boycotting babywearing ... he is into promoting babywearing, too ;)
Cradle carry in Littlepods with head out
Doing some magic with the Peek-a-Pouch ;p
Registration and info sharing
Overall, it was a good turnout for a start ;) I had lots of fun getting to know KL Mommas and Papas and Bubbas and Arthur got to make new friends.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better than CDs?

Calling all CD addicts! Now that you love CD-ing sooo much, have you ever thought that there could be something that is even better than CDs?

Using CDs to cure my little Arthur's nappy rashes, I must admit that I was amazed at the results and in no time at all, turned into a CD addict. Then again, given the price of CDs... yes, it would save you money in the long run but we must agree that not everyone have the amount of money required to start off full on CDs... it wasn't really easy.. especially when you can be easily addicted for your little one to look cute ;p

Anyway, have you heard of Elimination Control? Do you think it would work?

What is Elimination Control?

"In a nutshell, Elimination Communication is about the Communication.
  • It is about helping your baby to go 'to the toilet' somewhere other than a nappy, some of the time, then more of the time as they grow!
  • It is about learning to observe baby's bodily rhythms, body language and practicing responding in such a way that your connection is enhanced, benefiting your whole relationship.
  • It is about sometimes anticipating the needs of a pre-verbal human being and experiencing their joy that you understand them. We strive to improve our bond.
  • It is about gently supporting their instinctual awareness of their body and attempting to understand them, and helping them feel 'relieved'.
  • It is about using nappies as a tool rather than a necessity.
  • It is about reducing the 'ecological footprint' of waste generated by a brand new human.
  • It is about enhancing your connection and understanding of your baby's needs - often into other areas of their care, and this is really empowering!
  • It is not toilet training, it is not 'coercive' nor is it impossible! It is gentle and responsive, or it is not EC. YOU can do it!

With EC we help the baby stay clean and dry until they gain independence in their own time, at their own pace - gradually.

Is it a better way? No, it is another way of addressing a baby's hygiene needs over full time use of nappies and changing dirty nappies for years. A parenting option.

Think of EC as another skill you can learn, another baby care option."

Extracted from
Find out more from here.

All I am saying is... for those who really want to ditch those disposables but not able to afford CDs... why not try Elimination Control (EC)?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wear Your Toddler?

With the term 'babywearing', it is no wonder why many with a toddler have turned down every piece of information on baby-wearing altogether. While some will think that their babies are no longer 'babies', others are thinking that their more-than-10kg toddler will be heavy to be worn.

Heavy? Yes, Maybe...
Whether your little one is considered heavy depends on your level of endurance. Briefly, if you have been wearing your little one since he/she is a tiny baby (infant), then, whether your know it or not, your endurance level has been slowly building and you are more likely to withstand babywearing a heavier baby for a longer period of time. Makes sense?

Too heavy to be worn? No!
Simply put, in most cases, as long as you are willing and able to carry your baby with your bare arms, you can still wear your baby. While most slings/carriers are made to be safe for up to 15kg, it has been known that some will use their slings beyond this weight limit... though only for brief moments like a short trip to the neighbourhood stall.

My dear Sis wearing my 13.5kg niece

While I am not encouraging anyone to use any sling for a little one more than 15 kgs, I am trying to let you know that it is definitely not too late to get a sling when you have a 10kgs toddler. Not late even if your little one is 14kgs!

My dear niece and I

All in all, in terms of wearing a heavy little one, it all depends on the type of carrier used (pouch, ring sling, mei tai, wrap?), the situation (crowded?), the duration (a short 15 mins walk?), the activity involved (shopping, running around?) etc. for babywearing to be comfortable. All I can say, in this case, wearing your little one will definitely be much less painful to carrying he/she with your bare arms.

Generally, for a toddler who has just discovered his/her legs,

  • that would be the time you would wear your baby the most...
  • this is the time when it's no longer possible for you to carry her with your bare arms for long periods of time...
  • this is the time she tries to explore the world on her legs but feels tired soon and needs a cuddle...
  • also, to me, this is the time we really want to keep them close to us when there's a crowd...
  • it's simply harder for them to wiggle off you when they are in the sling ;)
  • for most babies, once they reach around 10kgs, their weight start to increase at a slower rate... Arthur is 12kg... my little 4 year old niece is 14kg... and, yes, my sis still wears her esp when they are on a trip or at crowded areas.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Looking for a worker?

This is what a friend of mine sent me... how true...

Looking for a worker who can multitask?

She can sing and teach while driving...

Organise lunch and dinner while doing her day job...

Handle work crisis while cooking...

Yet, never complain of hardship and remain loving...

Hire a Mum!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wear your baby... as you need

My 12 kg little one has been boycotting the sling since we were on the family trip to Sydney in April.

As surprising as his sudden lost of interest in being in the sling, he seems to know when it is necessary for him to get into the sling.

Back in Malaysia, my little Arthur is no longer boycotting the sling anymore. The change could be due to the lack of greeneries for him to explore compared to Sydney... where we usually allow him to roam free at the parks.

With an active and growing baby, it is no surprise that babywearing will be less once they realised they've got legs! With Arthur, it's more like he now knows that he can climb stairs, too! (we live on the fourth floor with no lift access). Anyway, since he found out that he can climb stairs, he's even rejecting babywearing more.

The thing is... my little one seems to know and behave when Momma needs him in the sling most... when I was paying my last respect to my late granny... when we were at the bus terminal waiting for the bus to and fro Penang... when we need to wait in queue for something... when we are in a crowded place like the recently over Penang PC fair...

Could it be because I usually sling him all the time at crowded places, so, he's used to it and not rejecting it? Could it be because he sensed the need to behave while Momma is busy? Could it be because he knows that he should be quiet and calm when Momma have to pray for great-granny?.. Guess I will never find an answer to these questions.

All I can say is, I am glad that my little one is no longer having a strong resistance to the sling and will cooperate when I need him to... making excuses for him to be in the sling sometimes, though... as I do miss the days when I was wearing him everyday.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Common Sense

In my years of employment, I have always been involved in training... most of the time, I am required to train the junior staff who are new in the company.

It was then when I was able to spend time observing the tips and tricks to getting the information into someone's head.

One most common mistake most trainers often misplaced is the assumption that out of common sense people should know what something means. They do not realise that common sense to one might not be all that common to others.

For instance, to people living in Australia, it is common sense that we take care of our own rubbish disposal (i.e. throwing away the empty cups, burger wrappers, dirty serviettes etc.) in McDonald's. In Malaysia, we simply do not do that. What do we do? We just leave it on the table for the staff to clear them.

If the above example seems far fetched... maybe, consider something closer to our lifestyles.

It is common sense for some to expect traffic jams at peak hours... when people get to or off work... however, if you are a housewife who rarely goes out at those times, the thought might not occur to you at all. Worst, when you try to let if off with your friends/family for being caught in traffic, they simply reply "You should know that".

In babywearing, while the pouch is known to be the easiest to learn, there are times when people just cannot imagine how to put it on correctly. Not even with the assistance of videos and photo instructions. That is the reason why babywearing gatherings are essential to make it work.

If you are not able to attend a gathering, you can always try to search on forums to find a babywearer near you who could be interested to share with you a trick or two.

Just bear in mind... there's nothing to be shy about. Ask away... as we know that common sense to one might not be so common at all to another ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother to Mother Peer Support Group

In my journey to successful breastfeeding, I have always been wondering if there could be anyone who is supportive of breastfeeding rather than against it... It was definitely not an easy journey for me but I managed to overcome the obstacles and make it possible to still be breastfeeding my little Arthur to date.

Looking at how difficult a journey breastfeeding could be, I have thought of starting some group to gather interested souls and promote the act. Then again, I'm not sure if it will work.

Anyway, I am very glad that there is a Mother to Mother Peer Support Group in Penang that goes around promoting and supporting breastfeeding mothers. More glad that I can be part of this group.

If you are from Penang and interested in breastfeeding, do search them up in Facebook. Monthly meetings are organised discussing various topics on breastfeeding. Previous sessions included breastfeeding myths and proper positioning.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Arthur's graduation to hip carry

This is Joe. It's the latest addition to Arthur's toys. One of the longet outstanding sewing project I was to make for Arthur is something that incorporates different ways of openings/closures. I was to make a fabric book for that using recycled materials...

We came across Joe and it was on sale. For less than RM20, Joe is much better than any fabric book I could make... it's got a zippered shirt, big buttoned vest, velcro shoe on one leg and shoelaces on the other... it is the perfect excuse... ermm... replacement for the fabric book I was about to make.

Why is he called Joe? Well, it's just one of the names that would match 'Jane'... the doll that the teacher in Muzikgarten uses when she teach. Arthur likes that doll very much.

Anyway, it's been 3 days now since Joe was brought home. For the first couple of days, Arthur did have very good practice taking off Joe's clothes and leaving them lying on the floor...

Today is the third day Joe is with us and to my surprised, Arthur asked for his sling so that he could carry Joe around.

Now, as you can see, Joe is much, much bigger than the Pooh Bear Arthur used to wear.... in a way, Pooh Bear is the infant and Joe the toddler... so, Momma have to teach my little one the hip carry.

Arthur's so happy with the new carrying position... after all, this is the position that he was worn as most of the time... he is bringing Joe with him even when he plays with other toys.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bonding or Spoiling?

Many new parents are faced with this dilemma :

"Shall we shower the baby with all the love and attention he/she require or shall be teach them to be independent from a young age?"

As with many other parenting issues, this is not one where you would receive a straightforward answer to.

On one hand, many parents are afraid that they may be spoiling their baby with too much love and attention. On the other, we all want to cuddle and hold on to our crying baby.

Bonding, the intense attachment that develops between you and your baby is, something I would say is irreplaceable and priceless. At the crossroad, the question we often ask ourselves is whether bonding = spoiling.

In my babywearing days (though I am still wearing my toddler now, it is not as often as before... missing it already), it is not unusual to come across the comment that I shall just leave Arthur to play by himself so that I can perform my housechores... "just let him cry and he will get used to it... once he gets used to it, he won't cry like that anymore"... the thing is, shall I still just let him cry when I know he's not really well (on days when he's got flu etc.)?.. shall I really let him cry on and on though he's already been crying non-stop for 1/2 hour (yes, I did try but it's no use)? The thing is, all the cries translates to "Momma, please cuddle me..." I know for sure now as he is able to express it now... only difference being I can explain to him that Momma is busy with chores and he will give me some time to finish them while he play by himself.

To me, responding to a baby's cries is not spoiling but bonding. It is only when one fulfil an excessive and unnecessary demand that it turns into spoiling (e.g. when they cry and cry for a toy/candy... when they cry just to get your attention... when they cry to get their ways...)

One good lesson I've learnt with regards to spoiling is you might as well just give whatever your child demand for right from the start if you know you'd give in to him/her if he start wailing. For example, your toddler asks for a piece of candy. You say "No". Your little one asks again. Ok... you want to be firm, so, you say "No" again. Seeing that he/she can't get it, he/she start crying... you're still saying "No"... then, he/she start wailing... you cannot stand it (especially when you are out in the public)... so, you give in... Read it again... this only encourages your little one to wail to get one he/she wants. As opposed to, if you gave it to him/her from the very beginning, it would be more of the norm.

Friday, May 2, 2008

T2T DVD is here!

Finally, the wait is over. For all of you who have been patiently waiting for so long, the Tummy to Tummy Babywearing DVD has finally arrived on Asian shores.

Tummy 2 Tummy is the first non-product specific, instructional babywearing DVD available! It covers the four different types of baby carriers; Ring Slings, Pouches, Asian Back Carriers and Simple Pieces of Cloth, all in one interactive DVD.
Only limited quantities are available. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on one especially if you are into learning to DIY your own sling as it has more then 60 minutes dedicated to Simple Pieces of Cloth.
For users of Pouches and Ring Slings, there are much more possible positions, tricks and tips that can make babywearing more meaningful, too.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Market Day 28th April 2008

Back from our trip, we are setting up stall at the Little Penang Street Market once again.

Looking at how happy Arthur is, I would say he still remember market days quite well... especially when he gets to meet up with his friend again... the abang is also there with his Mom who sells creme caramel puddings at the markets... so, yes, Arthur has good company at the market now.

One of the main reasons why I have decided to set up stall at the market was to be able to provide better assistance to anyone interested in babywearing. I am so glad I did that as it has now become my point of meeting up with my customers, who return to ask for further instructions now that her 7 month-old baby has outgrown the cradle carry position.
As always, market days are filled with events that keep you going througout the day. This time round, we even had a cooking demonstration!