Monday, October 25, 2010

Will I ever blog again???

It's been a while... I wonder if I will ever have the passion to blog again...

Why did I stop? Well... there are so many reasons to this and the main one is to have some privacy, I guess. Also, it really is taking my time off from my Arthur then... he would be playing by himself while I keep staying online... one minute after another... huh... how can a SAHM find a balance between staying in the know and yet be able to spend more time with kids?

Monday, May 17, 2010

GroBaby on Sale!

We are clearing off our Grobaby products to make way for new ones on the way. Check them out now before it's all gone!

Quick Overview

Natural, Innovative and Affordable.

Truly one size, grows with baby. Soft Organic Cotton Inner, reusable outer shell, snap in soaker pad

Unique proprietary closure system that is secure and will not scratch your baby's soft skin.

Absolutely leak proof and the lay in insert system means you will have a smaller load of laundry to do! Plus it's a more affordable way of cloth diapering (buy a few covers and a lot of inserts, interchange the covers when using and you're set)

Come see what all the fuss is about!

Product Description

No dioxins, 100% organic cotton inners, smaller laundry and drying loads and a cheaper system (if you're using it solely).

What's not to like?

Find out why the Grobaby has exploded onto the US cloth diapering scene and is fast becoming a favorite straight out of the box.

High quality YKK snaps, a proprietary Never Pill hook tab with soft loop fabric that doesn't scratch and built in laundry tabs.

This system is great for travelling because you only need to take multiple snap in soakers instead of entire diapers.

Try one, and you'll see just how easy cloth diapering has become.

Each Shell set comes with :

  • 1 x Shell
  • 1 x organic cotton Snap in Soaker pad
  • 1 x organic cotton Booster


Change outer shell twice a day and inner as needed


Organic cotton inners must be washed/dried on hot 3 times prior to first use and WILL NOT reach it's full absorbency until approximately 6-8 washes.

  • Wash hot, tumble dry before use
  • Remove as much solid matter as possible.
  • Place soiled soaker pads in a dry diaper pail - no soaking is necessary.
  • Wash every 2 days.
  • Start with a cold rinse.
  • Wash in hot water with half the amount of recommended detergent.
  • Do an extra rinse if desired.
  • Tumble dry or hang outside for extra freshness and to remove stains.
  • Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sadness in babywearing advocacy...

Sad? If you consider what one can get out of babywearing... bonding, attachment, love... you will ask yourself this question: How can babywearing be sad?

Oh no, if you have been reading about the Safety Warning, no, this is not what it is... That, of course, is sad and heart-breaking, too. So, do have a read if you haven't and learn more about the precautions you shall be observing while babywearing.

The 'sad' I am talking about here is when...

1... You tell your friends about babywearing and promote the use of cloth etc... You even go all the way to make them a carrier or gift one to them... but they are just not into it... or worse, they end up buying a crotch-type carrier

2... You try your best to show one the benefits of babywearing (and, even breastfeeding) only to be shunned and given the negative look as though you are trying to pass them a disease!

3... You didn't even talk much and people give you the lecture on 'Why one shall NOT be carrying their babies'


Have you got anything 'sad' to share in babywearing?