Friday, February 29, 2008

Wrap Crazy!

Yes... babywearing addict at work here ;)

Just like how I couldn't stop buying pouches (even when I make them myself now...).. I just couldn't stop experimenting different fabrics I think might be suitable for wraps.

Fortunate me has a long time friend who manufactures this type of fabric...

If you look close enough, you can tell that it's one of those eyelet fabric that many Malaysian baby clothing are made of. I'd say it's a Malaysian thing as I don't see that in other countries.

This is knit type fabric of cotton/polyester material. While it is very, very soft and comfy, it is simply not strong enough for the not so little baby of mine. I would imagine that it will work great with smaller babies ;)

Ok. Just in case any of you are wondering... yes, Arthur loves this front wrap cross carry (FWCC) position the most with the wrap. It's like a tummy to tummy in the pouch and lets him sleep comfortably with the extra fabric supporting his head.

Back carry? No, he doesn't seem to like that as much anymore.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 2008 Market Day

Held on the 24th February (every last Sunday of the month) this time, the Little Penang Street Market saw little crowd. Could it be the start of the quiet season already, with all the big festive days behind us?
Anyway, we still had lots of fun!
February's theme was 'Celebrating Women'... themed in conjunction to International Women's Day which will be celebrated on the 8th March 2008. Women, mark your calendars. It's 8th March every year. Instead of Valentine's... when everything is highly priced, why not get your partners to celebrate International Women's Day with you.... beware, though, your partner might not like how it sounds... 'International Women's Day' doesn't sound like there's a part for men, does it? haha...
As usual, though not very usual.... there are programmes lined up for the day. The highlights are probably these two... the Chinese Opera and Women Wushu demonstration.

Interesting full costume Opera. While I admire the costumes and the set up... I have no idea what the play is about as it was in Hokkien. If I were to stay longer in Penang, I might take up PHD (Penang Hokkien Dialect) someday

Father and Son posting for a picture to mark the start of the day ;)

Wushu Demonstration

Trying out the sling... Aren't they gorgeous?

Towards the end of the day... Father and Son feeling worn out...

As mentioned, it was a pretty quite market day, the February one was... not much sales but as long as I did attract one person to stop by my stall and am able to share the benefits of babywearing... I am happy!

As though to celebrate the day, hubby brought us to Taoz at Auto City for dinner. I love buffet... I love Japanese... I love having a meal with more than just the three of us... Yes, it was a great dinner. Thank you, dear hubby.

Market goers, please note... Peekaroobaby will not be at the markets in March as we will be taking a trip then. See you in April 2008!

Tummy to Tummy Babywearing DVD

Babywearing provides many advantages to both the wearer and the baby allowing a parent to be very active, and at the same time giving the baby the closeness they need to develop a strong bond.

Tummy 2 Tummy is the first non-product specific, instructional babywearing DVD available! It covers the four different types of baby carriers; Ring Slings, Pouches, Asian Back Carriers and Simple Pieces of Cloth, all in one interactive DVD.

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  • Instruction by four prominent babywearing experts
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  • Both beginner and advanced positions
  • Positions for newborns through toddlers
  • Interactive DVD allows you to quickly jump directly to the sections you want to learn
  • Techniques to properly use babywearing carriers
  • Correct common babywearing mistakes
  • Over 2 hours of video

Check out the Video Samples now!!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Make waves with Bloggerwave!

What kind of waves, you might be wondering? Waves to drive more traffic to your blog, of course!

Yes, I have signed up for Bloggerwave and how lucky can I get? Got approved, too! There's no single word that could express my excitement and happiness to be accepted by Bloggerwave!

All I can say is.. with all the product reviews and recommendations that I post on, it is time I get some credits for them. Still, it will be honest to goodness reviews.

Somehow, I am starting to see that Bloggerwave will mean a future for more reviews as I will be able to buy more stuff to review on with the money I earn from blogging ;)

Now, that's what I call great news! Join the fun and excitement! Check it out now!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

If you can reduce, you need not reuse... if you can reuse... you need not recycle... if you can recylcle, you need to throw away your money!

Yes... As my MIL once told me... it is not necessary to get expensive disposable sanitary pads... they are bought to be thrown away. It is like throwing away money. How true. Then again, she is also the one who shared her 'analysis' of using tissues with me... that it is cheaper to just wipe the dining table clean with tissues than to wipe it clean with cloth as you need to wash the cloth afterwards ??? Yes, you guessed it right. She is just one who is careful with money. Not so much a environmentalist.

Whatever it is, the point is, with disposables 'everything' from sanitary pads to cloth diapers to fork and spoons and even disposable panties... convenience certainly is taking its toll on the environment.

Thankfully, I've discovered Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapers, Cloth Pads... now, I am even considering using wipes myself and reducing the use of toilet tissues...

What has breastfeeding got to do with the 3Rs? How about reducing the use of plastic, milk tins etc. etc. etc.? You get it ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When is best to get a sling?

Well, coming from me, one might think I am pushing hard at my Peek-a-Pouches. That's why one seldom hears me mentioning it. Any mention of babywearing from me usually includes the information that there are many ways to wear a baby including the pouch, ring sling, wrap etc. etc.

Anyway, I was asked this question directly on the last market day (please be patient... will load pics and do a post on it soon). And, my honest and truthful answer couldn't be more than when you are expecting!

Why? Simple. I wish I had a sling with me during confinement. Arthur was a colicky and fussy baby. One who needs a feeding about every hour and a half, if not sooner.

Also, as he was diagnosed with breastmilk jaundice, we had to be in and out most of his first month of life... carrying him with my hands on these trips... one which lasted the whole day at a government hospital... resulted in Arthur's head being uneven.... yes, it is still obvious and visible if you look close enough. It's shaped as per where my arms were to cradle him... huh... not much choice here. He wouldn't go into the stroller then (indeed, he wouldn't go into the stroller anytime!)...

It really wasn't easy. It was during confinement that I wished soo sooo much I had a sling with me. It was during that month that I longed and longed for a way to have him close to me without straining myself.

I'll admit I didn't read up enough on babywearing then. Indeed, I wouldn't know to search on 'babywearing'. All I knew was that there's this fabric that people would tie around them to carry their babies... and confinement month was no way I was allowed near a computer .. not even books... these are supposed to be bad for my eyes... huh...

So, yes, while I would definitely advise anyone pregnant to have a sling before baby is due... again, it is up to personal preference.

At Peekaroobaby, I try my best to encourage this by offering an exchange within the first month from when baby is due. Of course, terms and conditions such as the sling has got to be new and in a sellable condition.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bonding in a sling


Have you noticed that you tend to stroke your baby more when you are wearing him or her in a sling? I do. I stroke my little Arthur, give him a kiss whenever I feel like it and know what? he is now returning the favour. He would just turn my way and give me a kiss out of the blue... heart melting ;)

I am not sure how true this is but I notice that parents with baby carriers... those with buckles and looks like a school bag... they do not stroke their babies as often... have you used both of them? Did you feel like stroking your baby more when in a sling or a baby carrier?

Whatever it is, it is just a wonderful feeling for us both when Arthur is in the sling... he will even turn my way and hug me every now and then. Now, how could you possibly do that so often is he's in the stroller?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Debt Management How To

I have never imagined that I will be in debt one day but then, when I think of it again... Hey! I'm using credit cards, which translates to... I'm owing the bank some money until I pay up... Which also means, I could one day be in serious enough debt to need professional advise and assistance.

All these while, it never hit me that I could one day be in debt as I usually do a mental calculation on how much I have left in the bank before I make a swipe. In other words, I make sure that I have the money to pay my credit card bills even before it arrives on my doorstep. However, ever since I discovered online shopping and with the convenience of internet banking, it is making savings more and more difficult to attain. If I do not start controlling myself, could just wake up and find myself going bankcrupt one day! Now, this is definitely a scary thought.

Wouldn't it be great to know, if you are in debt, that there is a way around it?

Yes, no matter how small or huge the amount is, there are ways to overcome your debts!

For huge amounts of debts, the ones that gets you in deep trouble, do you know that an IVA (i.e. Individual Voluntary Arrangements) will actually help you clear your debt and will legally prevent your creditors from taking any action against you? That means, you could still keep your house!

Sounds good? What's even better? At ClearDebt, your IVA can actually be underway within 24 hours from your application! Talk about taking care of your troubles... FAST! Still not good enough? How about not charging for advice and assistance? Wait no more! Check out ClearDebt now!


As I read more and more blogs of new parents, I've come to realise we all just love bargains. At the same time, we try to save money here and there, just so we can have the best for our children.

When it comes to online shopping, especially for baby slings, cloth diapers etc... which could cost quite a lot, we are often tempted to get something cheaper.

I am all for online shopping... well, I have Peekaroobaby... the word of caution, though, with online shopping, is to read the details and make sure you are comfortable with the product you are buying before making such commitment.

Just like me, I am sure there are many others who loves to get a good deal... or trying hard to save some money... So, we spend hours and days trying to get great deals off online auctions etc. etc.

While I agree that slings can be quite expensive to acquire (but, really, if you think of how much you'll use it... even more than your favourite piece of clothing!, you'll start thinking that it's actually quite cheap)... many will look for ways to DIY... and, to my surprise, even these DIY instructions and patterns are up for bid!

The word of caution here is... YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR A PATTERN! You don't really have to. If you have not already noticed, for as long as I remember, I have put a permanent link on this blog that leads to a page of DIY links through The Baby Wearer... and, YES! many of them are free! And, if you don't understand the instructions well enough to begin with your sling project, just ask me. For free ;) Really ;) ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

When do you stop breastfeeding?

My breastfeeding journey was never an easy one to begin with. However, with much determination and preserverance, I am consider myself lucky to still be able to breastfeed my little Arthur until this very day.

At 19 months and 3 weeks, Arthur is now not so little anymore... especially when you saw me carrying/breastfeeding him. The view of it is enough to make one wonder if the toddler is my son ;)

Anyway, the question that have been coming at me lately... not that this is something new... "When do you plan to stop breastfeeding him?"... Eyes roll when my answer almost always comes out to be... "When he stops taking it."

For one, til this very day, I am not sure why MIL is not supportive of breastfeeding. While we were back in KL, the above has been a constant question from her.

Then, there's relatives.. most who were afraid of a clingy baby if they were to breastfeed... asking me to start weaning Arthur to formula even when he was barely 3 months old...

Anyway, glad they no longer ask about it as much now as I guess my determination to breastfeed proved to them I am not going to stop no matter what.

The thing is, as many breastfeeding Moms would agree with me... we are just too focused on providing the BEST for our babies that there is nothing that could stop us from breastfeeding.

The matter on when to stop breastfeeding often comes back to "the feeling (the bonding time) is so great that it will be sad to really have to stop one day".

Anyway, many stop breastfeeding or will wean their babies when they get pregnant again... in fear of lack of nutrition. Most others will stop when their little ones are about two. Some goes the mile and still breastfeed their children who is 4 years old. So, when do you think you will stop breastfeeding?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alas, I signed up!

I have never imagined that I will one day be a blogger. In fact, some of my closest friends were surprised I am blogging! I started blogging out of the passion I have for babywearing. I needed a place where I can share my love of babywearing with the world!

Again, never did I imagine I could make so many friends through blogging and what not, make money out of blogging? As a blogger, it is no surprise that we read blogs from other bloggers. Through them, I found out about PayPerPost and how we can actually get paid blogging... Just the very thing we SAHMs need ;) Especially for times we need new CD stash... new baby slings... new everything... yes, don't you just hate those moments when you want to get something good and new but don't have the $$$ to do it? This is the answer!

As much as I would love to sign up at once, they had a term where a blog had to be 90 days old, with at least 20 posts... Yes, you are reading it right 'had' that term. If you have been wanting to sign up but have to wait for your blog to be 'old' enough, well, wait no more! As of 13 Feb 2008, all you need is a blog 30 days old with 10 posts!

What are you waiting for? Check them out right now if you haven't already done so!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Endurance and babywearing

One of the most common question from those interested to wear their babies seems to be "What is the maximum weight that this sling can hold?" or "How long can babywearing last... namely, until when can I wear my baby?"

The standard answer to those questions, from me, or anyone else selling the pouch type sling is that it can be used to carry a child up to 15 kgs.

Given suitable fabric, the sling can be much more durable and can even hold an adult! Think of hammocks... think of swings made of fabric... In fact, through my research, I have read about people carrying children that is 18 kgs.

The point is, it does not entirely depend on the fabric. Mainly, it depends on the endurance level and this vary greatly from one to another.

I have always been known as one of those girls who can be tough. I can lift boxes heavier than most girls can etc. In babywearing, with the pouch (i.e. one shoulder carry), honestly, I am only beginning to feel the strain when Arthur was approaching 12kgs. Prior to that, I can wear him for 4 hours straight when we were out shopping... he sleeping soundly in the sling. This has been what I have been telling people... "no strain til he was almost 12 kgs".

Recently, as I get together with more babywearing Mommas, I realised that not many have the endurance level as I. Some start complaining about straining their shoulders even when their little ones is only 9 kgs.

It really is an individual thing. Just as how some babywearers would not use the sling for cradle carry at all.

To top it, age is not a good indication either as for an example, my 3 1/2 year old niece is lighter than my little Arthur. So, there you go. My Sis still wears my niece when they are in crowded areas. Sis is a fan of Pasar Malam... and Sales... and Fairs... and Warehouse Sales... these are the occassions when she would use the sling... just to keep her close. Good idea, I think. And, even though it could be a bit tiring, she's admitting it's much better than having to carry her with bare arms, which doesn't leave her hands free enough to be checking things out ;)

Endurance levels is naturally increased as your baby grows, that is, if you have started wearing your baby since he/she is a newborn. Otherwise, if you are starting out with a toddler, a good thing to do would be to slowly build your endurance levels by slowly increasing the duration you wear your baby. Perhaps, 20 minutes for the first time... 30 minutes for the second time... etc. etc.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chinese New Year!

The Lee Lee Ang Lion Dance Troupe

Yes! We are back from our CNY trip to KL and boy! was it fun!

I must really say that it has really been a great time for us to visit our friends and relatives. Arthur couldn't be more happy and excited than being able to be with so many goh-goh and jie-jie.. not to mention the di-di and mei-mei... saying that he enjoyed the stay in KL is an understatement...

The Lion Dance Pants made its appearance when the Lee Lee Ang Lion Dance Troupe (Jung, Jia and Arthur) made their debut performance at my in-laws place on the third day of Chinese New Year... Mind you, it is no child's play and it attracted much attention. Honestly, the guests were much happier than if it were the usual grown up troupe ;)

Arthur leading the lion

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lion Dance Pants!

This project has been pending even before Arthur was born!

Yes, my nephew, Jung, is very into Lion Dance. Though I did not make a promise, but he had indeed made a request for these pants since about 2 years ago... and this Yiyi... lazy... wasn't sewing as much then... took her own sweet time to drag out the sewing machine... (read DIY or Buy? Buy or DIY?)finally, got it done this year!

Why this year? How about Arthur is also into Lion Dance.... the sewing machine is always set up unlike before... already got more than enough fabric for this project... mainly, before my nephew is all too grown up to dance with the lion! He is going to turn 6 this year. He is so into Lion Dance that he even went all the way to perform during his last prize giving ceremony... too bad this lazy Yiyi hasn't got it done then ;(

So, here's how it looks ;)

Threealtogether... since I am already making them.. might as well make one for each... my nephew, Jung... his sister, Jia Wen and or course, my little Arthur
That about wraps up my sewing for the year of the Boar... now, let's be patient and see what I can come up with for the Rat Year ;) ... adjustable pouches?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentine's Day is here!

Have you been scratching your head over what to give your loved ones for Valentine's Day? However perfect your other half may be for you, aren't there things you wish he or she knows more of? Your preferences... your likes and dislikes... your favourite taglines... your lousiest moments...

Well, look no further for this will be the perfect gift! With this, your other half will certainly know what you want them to know!

No kidding!

How can this be possible?

How about.... YOU are the author of this book? Yes, YOU! Other than the title and a few quotes, this book actually consists of blank pages for you to fill in. Brilliant idea? I think it is.

With a catchy title and humourous quotes, I cannot help not picking it up and wanting to buy it ;)

Look at the top... 'Less than 1000 000 copies sold worldwide'

Look at the bottom... Tan is the Author whose known for his PHD (Penang Hokkien Dialect)

Look at the quotes... found on the first few pages of the book.

I discovered this book at January's Little Penang Street Market. The author is generally well-known for his "Learn to Speak ... Penang Hokkien Dialect (PHD)" but it was this very book on display that caught my attention the most.

Initially, I thought it is like one of those self-help books like those from Allen and Barbara Pease (i.e. "Why Men Lie and Women Cry) ... but no, this is much more interesting.

While you can get "Learn to Speak ... Penang Hokkien Dialect (PHD)" major bookstores like MPH, this particular book is only available through mail order.

Price? RM5 each plus RM2 postage and handling charges. Want one? email the author himself.... or call him at 012-482 0038.

Hurry! Valentine's is just around the corner ;)

And, to quote the back cover...

Women, get this perfect gift for your men. Write down everything you want them to know, accompanied with messages of love e.g. "I will always love you even though your snoring disturbs my sleep"

Men, get this perfect gift for your women. Write down everything you want them to know as well e.g. "I always feel embarassed sharing a table with you when you start digging your nose while waiting for the food; but no matter what, I will always love you!"

Let your curiosity get the better of you and buy three books for triple the price of one and have three times the laughter!

Please note that this is not a paid review. It is just something I've discovered that I wish to share with you. I know this could be a little late for a Valentine's gift.. problems with camera delaying this post.. but hey! who says it must be for Valentine's?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

DIY or buy? Buy or DIY?

As far as my promoting babywearing goes, the slings does not have to come from me. I even encourage interested parents/caregivers to DIY their own slings. I would even help them work it out ;)

So, then, rises the questions...

1. Why DIY when you can buy?

I'm not sure how many of you would actually like to DIY your own slings. Indeed, I'm not even sure if the DIY link I've posted on my blog months ago is attracting any attention... it's not a post... it's a link that stays on the right hand side of my blog under 'Babywearing Sites'... yes... the one named "Sew your own sling" and it's got links to sew all sorts of slings ;)

If you were wondering at all... no, I did not have enough luck to stumble upon this when I was trying to DIY my sling. It was much, much later that I saw these links. The Peek-a-Pouch comes from a combination of techniques and tests but the link that started it all for me was Stacy's instructions.

Anyway, why would anyone DIY their own slings when they are readily available on the market?
  • unique fabric ... basically, you can choose whatever you want
  • saves money ... though this might not always be necessarily true
  • you know your size and your preference best!
  • your sewing machine is already up and running... so, this will just be another sewing project ;) that is, if you are attempting to DIY something that needs to be sewn
  • Not sewing? You can always just cut up some fabric for a no sew sling!
  • loves experimenting.. it's fun!

2. Why buy when you can DIY?

So, now that there's so much 'advantages' to DIY, why would anyone buy instead of DIY-ing?
  • fabric you've never seen/ hard to get
  • don't have time to visit fabric store ("What is this?! Where are they?!")
  • have customer support ... though this might not always be up to satisfactory results
  • doesn't want to spend money and time trying out and experimenting the different types of fabrics
  • "I don't sew and DIY is just not my thing!"
  • "Ok... I sew but by the time I lug the sewing machine out, cut the fabric... work out how to sew... actually get time to sew... actually have a will enough to finish it... my baby no longer needs a sling"
That's all I could think of now... any more to add?

Please note that 'buying' does not necessarily mean buying from a Malaysian vendor. It just means 'buying', be it from Malaysian vendors or importing them from overseas.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The first ever Malaysian Babywearing Workshop

In my quest to make Malaysia a pro-babywearing community, I have long wanted to have frequent gatherings and workshops... just to share the babywearing love.

With these workshops/meetings, I am hoping to meet up with interested parents and/or caregivers to dicuss on anything babywearing related.

Whether they already own a sling is not the most important. The main thing is whether they are willing to try it out. So, at any time, they are encouraged to bring along their baby carriers, slings or even just a piece of cloth.

Babywearing need not be expensive. If you can wrap/tie, even plain old bedsheet can do the job. Just so you know, though, for a simple tie, the fabric needs to be at least 2.5m long and about 25" wide.

Whether they have slings of other brands is not important, too.... many would think that because I am selling pouch slings, they would need to be my customers to attend... NOT TRUE! Peek-a-Pouches are the type of slings that have and still helping with my parenting days. Selling them as an option to those who cannot sew and as a way to promote babywearing. In time, I hope I could sell enough to help me fund more babywearing activities... still dreaming of a Malaysian Babywearing Conference ;)... perhaps, I might just wake up one day and get a call from someone wishing to hold it? At the moment, all I can do is... Dream on...

Anyway, for the very first babywearing workshop in Penang, we have a very kind couple willing to let us use their place for the meeting. That will be the best option for now... definitely better than having kids roam around a mall/cafe, I believe.

Topics include:
  1. Benefits of Babywearing
  2. Carrying Positions
  3. Various types of slings (pouched, ring slings, mei tai, podaegi, wrap)

Not sure if this is a good thing but in a way, I take these workshops seriously as anything we discussed matters in the babywearing lifestyle. So, yes, handouts and information leaflets are to be given out to participants.

Then again, we shall all be having fun as our little ones mingle and share the fun ;)

Can wait for it to actually happen! Hope this marks many more meetings to come ;)

Want a babywearing meet near you? At a time you prefer? It's all possible. Just gather at least 5 participants and we can make it work ;)

Friday, February 1, 2008


Hmmm... It's been a while since my last tag... This one is from BzBee

1) I love to eat:
This first one is already so difficult... lemme see... is there anything I don't love to eat? *LOL*

Ok, ok... if I must name something.... it would be pizza! Just imagine, this Momma here can down a regular by herself ;)

2) I love to go on:
A holiday by myself... that would be the ultimate holiday for me ;) No need to think of anyone else beside myself... do whatever I want to do, go wherever I want to go, eat whatever I want to eat... selfish? you know what I mean... just the most carefree vacation one could get

3) I hate to go on:
Shopping trips in a crowded mall where all you ever seem to do is walking from one end to another.... walking, avoiding the crowd ... walking, avoiding the crowd... and walking until you are so sick and tired that you just leave without achieving much.

4) I love it when:
I sit on the rocks by the sea, hearing the waves lapping on... thinking of nothing... staring into the blue, blue sky...

5) I hate it when:

I see people waste anything... electricity, food, water... anything! Perhaps, I have grown up with a Granny who would only switch on the lights in the room we're in... leaving the rest of the house dark... but, hey! it saves electricity!

6) I love to see:
The smiles on faces... priceless how they can brighten up my day even when they are total strangers

7) I hate to see:
Ill-mannered fools... especially those who call themselves 'educated'... wonder where they got their 'education' from

8) I love to hear:
My little Arthur calling me "Momma"... in the exact tone that I'd imagined my child would call me even when I was little... from the cartoons...

9) I hate to hear:

Barney and your child

Who would have thought one will need to go through the episodes of Barney before letting our little ones watch them?
Most of the time, I would accompany Arthur and watch with him those VCDs on Barney, Pocoyo, Baby Einstein etc. etc... never once did I think that there are any bad influence in them... until last Christmas (yes, been wanting to post this but kept forgetting).
Last Christmas, Arthur's cousin, Jung was here with us for a week. Jung is 5 1/2 years old and had been attending a nursery in KL for more than 2 years now.
Want to know what he thinks of Barney in "Fun Ways to Play Safe"? I never thought of it this way but to quote Jung...
"Yi yi... (auntie in Cantonese)... why this Barney so lazy? Kept asking the children to pick up the toys while he himself sing and dance and not helping at all...."