Thursday, January 17, 2008

Special Requests

I am one who sews what I sell. It is no wonder that every now and then, there are some special requests and also custom orders where customers get to choose what they want and how they want it done ;)

Big and absorbent bibs, reversible doll slings (yes! I didn't know someone would be interested enough in doll slings to have them reversible!), pillow case, custom wipes case... bedsheet?? (I was contacted to make a bedsheet out of the baby sling material but really, it is too costly to make one out of the same fabric)... just to name a few.

Custom made wipes case

Custom made reversible doll sling

As far as babywearing is concerned, some are also trying me out for pods and mei tai. Well, I am just happy that the choices to wear our babies are growing but no, I am not ready to sell and promote them as I do pouches. Simply not confident that I can help out enough, with my little experience with them. So, that has to wait until my little Arthur is happy enough with them for me to wear him more with them to work out the pros and cons.

Meanwhile, I understand the frustation of knowing about the existence of these carriers but not being able to obtain them as they are quite pricey to be imported. So, as with some who has contacted me, I will be glad to sew them for you as long as you understand that I am only doing the sewing part and I am really not experienced enough with them.

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