Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sadness in babywearing advocacy...

Sad? If you consider what one can get out of babywearing... bonding, attachment, love... you will ask yourself this question: How can babywearing be sad?

Oh no, if you have been reading about the Safety Warning, no, this is not what it is... That, of course, is sad and heart-breaking, too. So, do have a read if you haven't and learn more about the precautions you shall be observing while babywearing.

The 'sad' I am talking about here is when...

1... You tell your friends about babywearing and promote the use of cloth etc... You even go all the way to make them a carrier or gift one to them... but they are just not into it... or worse, they end up buying a crotch-type carrier

2... You try your best to show one the benefits of babywearing (and, even breastfeeding) only to be shunned and given the negative look as though you are trying to pass them a disease!

3... You didn't even talk much and people give you the lecture on 'Why one shall NOT be carrying their babies'


Have you got anything 'sad' to share in babywearing?