Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm wrapping! I'm wrapping!

I have read a lot about wrapping and have indeed wondered if I could ever do it. Articles like "Why Wrap..." makes the babywearer in me want to try it very much.

From my previous posts, you would have read that Arthur is getting straps phobia, looking at those long, long straps from the Podaegi. Then again, the Mei Tai was a bit better received.

So, I thought, perhaps a wrap will luck out better since it does not look as strappy... I was right. He was indeed cooperative with the wrap!
So, if I could just master a few more carrying positions, I will be able to really bring Arthur out in a wrap and provide reviews of the suitable fabric though I believe this lightweight cotton stretch fabric will work well ;).


2uzulfa said...

Hai, you and your arthur look good in that...

can you show us how do you that...


Mom to Haariz & Idrees said...

good job jess.

btw, how many meters did you use?

Jess said...

Hi Ummi, I refered to this detailed and very helpful site

Have fun trying! Just get at least 4.5m fabric(more if you are bigger) and you can start wrapping!

Rayhana said...

How great is that! :)

Ok, so now you need to tell me if I can get that material from.. let's say, IKEA? :P

I am dying to get a wrap (well not literally of course..) so I can take him for walks on my back...

I have tried the selendang as a rebozo .. but it's not long enough. Have done a back carry but it's definitely not as well-distributed as the wrap. I've chatted with a few moms from the UK / US and they absolutely recommend the wrap especially for heavy toddlers and a pain-free rucksack carry..!

Tks for the post and taking the lead!

These look absolutely great and fun and comfy..:-

I just get a bit apprehensive about swinging him on my back as DS is very squirmy..!

Do you think it is better to get those specially hand-woven ones, will they be safer? The ones we can purchase over the internet are usually Guatamalan made or what not..

Sorry for this long comment

Jess said...

Hi Rayhana, the pleasure is mine to be trying out the wrap.

Thanks for the links. They are great!

I was wondering if you would want to get the other half of the cotton stretch fabric from me. It's about 22" width and 4.5m long. It's got a little stretch... not easy to find. If you want a full piece or longer length, I can help you get it. Will charge you at cost price plus postage. Else, I can also pass it to you when I return to KL for CNY... Not selling wraps but just trying to help you get the fabric ;) Email me at, ya!

It's working fine so far and we did go out for a walk in the rusksack carry for about 1/2 hour.

Those you see sold on commercial sites for wraps are woven specifically for that purpose and thus, I shall assume, are meant to be just right and shall last, too. I might just be trying one out... if I could get them cheap ;)

Jess said...

Hi Mom 2 H&I, I used 4.5m of fabric and it was just nice for my size. I would consider myself petite... I am a Peek-a-Pouch size S