Friday, January 25, 2008

Amy's Rucksack Instructions

Thanks to Amy for instructions on the rucksack carry and many thanks to TheBabyWearer for having links to these helpful instructions, I managed to do the rucksack carry with the wrap.

To my surprise, Arthur likes the wrap. Don't know exactly why but he lets me take all the time I need to get it right. Shall I also tell you that I did indeed took my own sweet time to ensure he is all safe and ok with it before daring to bring him out.

So, an hour and more than 3 tries later, we were ready for an outing to show off the wrap!Arthur couldn't wait to show it off, too. He was pointing to the door!.... and, when I asked if he wants to come down.. he shakes his head.

Yes... with a cooperative Arthur, I shall be able to try the wrap out more. Look out for those posts ;)

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