Friday, September 25, 2009

Come and join us this Sunday!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

... Maaf Zahir & Batin
To all Muslims the world over.
May this Hari Raya bring lots of cheers and joy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mind troubling virus in the air...

It was only less than a month after the previous (and very first) admission to the hospital... and, my boy was admitted again on the 11th Sept 2009. Again, it was fever but thankfully, he did not have a fit.

After the last admission, we got informed at what high fever could do and did not want to take chances. This time, unlike before, he had fever on and off for three days before complaining of chills in the middle of the night. Once I heard "I'm cold" and saw his shivering body... we rushed to the hospital. Without DH by my side, I've got to take actions and fast!

It was 4am on the 11th Sept 2009 when we got Arthur to the emergency ward at HUKM, KL. We were back in KL a few days before to attend my brother's wedding registration and I was to go to the Ibu House for a demo to a group of mothers for Malaysian Babywearers. Briefly, we stayed most days of the trip in HUKM.

Upon checking in at ER, (they took the case seriously upon the mentioning that he had febrile fit previously), they did a blood check. Know what?? All these while (even for all the five days with fever), my son is still his active, usual self. When the nurse took the blood sample, my son sang her a song and told her he likes her checking him *slap head**

Anyways, just like the previous admission, his platelet count was low.... and, they suspected dengue this time. Otherwise, we could have gone home and wait for the fever to go away on its own. After admission, his platelet count rose back to normal but he had cough and flu... so, we were moved to a different area... quarantine for suspected H1N1. My heart... sank... Fortunately, the test was negative and we got discharged on Monday.

The thing is... what is this virus that keep giving blood samples a low platelet count and makes a child suffer from fever for five days?? On both occassions, we are not the only ones with this problem... Scary... especially when he had a fit the previous time. We almost thought we lost him.

Why not egg white?? We did use egg white but like previously mentioned, it will only bring the temperature down... the virus will still need to be taken care by the medications. With the use of egg whites again, we managed to keep his fever at an average 38C... once the egg whites 'cooked'... we can feel the temperature rising again...

As it is, we are already washing hands quite frequent with the proper method.... before and after we eat... when we get home from an outing... whenever we felt our hands are dirty... What else can we do to better protect ourselves??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And my boy gave me the solution ;)

We are out quite often these days... as my little one grows up and become more active these days, we have more plans for the day... playgroups, little excursions, shopping... and lately, he pestered me enough to start him on the Pingu English class that one of my friends started. That leaves us coming home about 3-4pm each day... he's tired out, of course. And, most times, he fell asleep in the car and I will have to carry him from the car to our home... four storeys, without lift access.

Now that he has walked 'enough' and climbed the stairs 'enough' times, he knows only too well that 8 flights of stairs to home is a tiring task... so, he will ask me to carry him. Momma's standard answer is that he is now a big boy and is too heavy for Momma to carry...

Well, after many of those excuses reasoning, he finally worked things out and gave Momma THE solution.

Today, as we are driving home, we had a chat and he did the reasoning this time...

Arthur: Momma... do you have a sling?
Momma: Yes, I have many of them at home...
Arthur: You can use the sling and babywearing, then I won't be too heavy for you to carry
Momma: (hmmm... you are right) I'll try next time, ok?
Arthur: Ya... you can put one in the car and then can carry me home...

Oh, well, why not?? Since when he is asleep, there is no choice but to carry him up. I might just leave a wrap or my Beco in the car ;)