Saturday, December 15, 2007

Distribution of baby's weight

If you have been researching on baby slings, you would have come across many different styles of slings available. Ring sling, pouch sling, wraps, mei tai, podeagi.. just to name a few. Yes, there are more available and the differences is in how they are constructed.

If you have been following this blog, you would know by now that I strongly recommend the pouch sling as it has given me the confidence and convenience I needed. Simply the best, for me.

However, in my mission to promote babywearing, I am aware that you may be aware and curios of other slings that are available (or not available) in the market, too. So, this is to share with you my research, comparing the different types of carrier.

Basically, the slings can be grouped into three: whether it uses your torso, one shoulder or two shoulders in supporting your baby's weight.

Torso : Torso carries are excellent because they distribute your child's weight to your lower body and do not put any stress on your neck, shoulders or upper back at all. However, they are not as secure for heavier babies as with small babies. Here, we are talking about the wraps, podeagi or even our very own sarong.

One shoulder : Usually easy to learn and versatile to use, this is known to be good for small to medium sized babies. However, if used to carry a heavy toddler for long hours, this may just not be the best. Depending on the length of time that it is being used for at one go, it might also work well with heavier babies. The most common one shoulder slings that you can see available are the ring slings and the pouch slings. However, a wrap or the sarong can also be your one shoulder sling!

Two shoulders : Though more complicated and not very user-friendly, the two shoulders type slings are known to be the most comfortable slings around as they are able to distribute the weight to be where you want it to be! Anything you wish to do with any baby carrier, you can do with a wrap! Takes time to learn, though.. I am trying this out at the moment. Try it out, too! You can make yourself a no sew sling in no time! Mei tais belong to this category, too.

Arthur is a growing baby. At almost 12 kgs now, I must admit that he is pretty heavy to be worn for long hours in a pouch sling. I used to wear him for 4-5 hours when I was on a shopping spree without much strain. However, about a week ago, I had him in the pouch for about 2 hours and I can feel that my legs (thighs) are getting tired... maybe it's from all the walking around... maybe it's Arthur (cos my legs are meant to carry myself?)... no back pain or sore arms, though.

Then again, it was 2 hours! What do you expect? There are occassions that I had to carry Arthur with my bare arms (like when getting off the car and into the house)... my arms feel tired and aching only after 10 minutes or so!

Anyway, as Arthur is growing and I read that the two shoulders types slings are better with heavier babies, I might just try to sew a mei tai... not sure if anyone else would be interested in this, though...


Rayhana said...

Hi there,

Stumbled upon your blog from the babywearer forums.

I am a babywearing mama in Malaysia, but I am in KL.

Initially I didn't see anyone wearing their babies except for indonesian maids and their sarongs!

But lately, I have seen an increase in babywearing and am glad!

I had an aunt make me a mei tai but I think it needs more work.. DS is quite heavy at the moment, about 9kg for me to use the sling. And he LOVES to bend backwards and that hurts! :p But I really enjoy wearing him.

Initially, there were only pouches and slings (and sarongs) available. However,
I had come across this new soft-structured carrier in Babyjaya (a baby shop in Damansara Utama, PJ) called Carry B. It is almost like the Beco but a bit far from it in terms of quality and ease of wear, I think. I am looking for something like the Patapum because I need my two hands to work whilst carrying my nearly 1 year old DS so I need a backcarry and I am not very confident with the sling for backcarry due to DS's love for arching his back!

So well, nice to see a babywearing mama!

My husband's hometown is in Penang, and I have used my sling many times when I was there. I do alternate with the stroller though, because there are just times I can't take DS's weight! And also when he is sleeping :)

allthingspurple said...

yes i would... i get tired carrying Ashley too, but I dont know if there is another position that I should know about. On that note, I think I better email the manufacturer to find out.

Jess said...

Hi Rayhana, Welcome to my blog. It's good to have another dedicated babywearing mama read and give comments ;) Really, I am from KL, too but Dh's from Penang (explains why I'm here at the moment). We can try to meet up when I am back or when you are here ;)

Reason why there are not many who wears their babies here could be because they just do not know where to search - the slings sold here are promoted as slings and not so much babywearing. Myself, I only realised I am 'wearing my baby' after searching for quite some time..

All things purple, yes.. it would be good to check with the manufacturer. Else, you might also want to check out They have lots of information which I am sure you would find useful. It could be addictive, though.. once you start, you can't stop.