Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wet bag of Recycled material

Call me stingy but really, let's just say I'd rather use the money for a wet bag on a CD. I know they must have their worth but I'm just not willing to part with the money for a CD for a wet bag. After all, mine will not be used to contain dripping wet swimsuits or CDs. Just need one that is good enough to keep odour at bay.

Ok, it all started with this:

In search of a cheaper option to a wet bag, I bidded and won the above item from ebay at less than USD 6, postage included. Quite happy with the win, I received the above item only to find that it is nothing like the laminated PUL for the CD... (not quite sure if a wet bag's PUL is meant to be laminated, though). Initially, I must admit that I was a bit disappointed. Then again, after trying it out, I am happy with it. It did keep odour at bay!
I tried pouring water directly into it... no leaks, too! So, it was a good buy, after all, dismissing the uneven stitches...

I'm not sure what a wet bag should look like as I never owned a proper one (is there such thing as a proper one?) or, I never owned one sold by those selling CDs but this one is simply an outer layer of fabric sewn with something like canvas for tents as the inner, waterproofing layer?

Anyway, it was working for me with my CDs. I was about to bid on it again for smaller ones to contain my cloth pads when I came across this lying in my store room:
It is a broken indoor pool. How it broke... ask my little Arthur... I just knew I could use it for something... Anyway, inspired by my ebay purchase, I tried my hands on making a mini wet bag out of the bottom layer (waterproofing) material.

It works! Happy!


Peridot&Sapphire said...

this is a great idea, jess! you make and sew wonderful items... yeah i think wetbag no need to be so expensive too. As long as it's pratial to use and funtion as it should be, it's fine with me too! seeing so many projects from you i also feel like want to learn sewing from my mum!!!

Jess said...

Thanks! Yes, Yes! You should learn sewing... you'll fly with the sewing machine knowing how crafty you are... that is when you'll be putting your knitting needles down hahah...