Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A pouch or a ring sling? You decide!

Many have voiced their curiosity over the pouch and the ring sling-which is better?? Seems like those are the main consideration for us Malaysians... probably because these are the only type of carriers that is available in the market? Of course, we have other carriers available like the Baby Bjorn, Ergo, Sweet Cherry etc. I won't comment on those as I'd never personally try them out.

While it is a matter of preference, as I have discussed earlier in Carriers Comparison, I just cannot stop searching for more answers since many of you raised the same issue being in between choices when it comes to a ring sling or a pouch. Nevermind my personal preference, for your benefit, I have found a very detailed and shall I say very good and unbiased comparison from one who is dedicated and sells both of them:

This shall do it this time. Hope you find it useful ;)

Again, the most important here is that you enjoy babywearing... so, just go ahead with what you feel is right for you. Some would even find just tying a piece of selendan or sarong or even a bedsheet works (but, please, get something that's at least 6 feet or approximately 2 metres long.. longer is you are bigger in size) ! If you want to try that out, be sure to check this:

Again, there are many other ways to tie.. this is just one of them. Shucks... I am wishing someone could take those pictures for me.. still working on the photos for my instructions page. If I do get the chance, I will post on the other different methods to tie the selendang or the sarong.. hopefully, soon. ;)

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