Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's so weird...

It's so weird...

  • to see a baby using a bottle to feed
  • when I hear people give negative remarks on breastmilk, on how it is not as nutritious as formula
  • when I hear that babies NEED to be given a mix of breastmilk and formula
  • to see people constantly checking out prices for formula and disposable diapers (and, to think I was one of them, where diapers are concerned)
  • to be explaining to people about cloth diapers and getting the 'yucky' reaction
  • to see caregivers struggling to carry babies with their bare arms
  • to see someone letting their little ones 'cry it out' even when the little ones are less than a year old
  • to have peole look at us in disgust when we are wearing our babies
  • when people come up to me (as I was wearing Arthur in a wrap) with a look of horror and an offer to help...

It's all just so weird ... I am probably weird...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Does price reflect the quality of carriers?

Some time ago, I saw this hybrid 'ring sling' being sold in Giant.. on offer... RM12 or less! Yes, you read it right! RM12. It can be folded til the size that would fit a little umbrella holder...

Today, we checked out the newly opened Econsave in Butterworth and, among all others, saw a couple considering to buy a baby carrier... the simple ones with four straps and buckles.. those that will hang baby by the crotch... RM18.30. Yes, RM 18.30! One word : flimsy! Lucky they put it down.. I was to busy chasing after Arthur to approach them :(

Thing is, it is really quite scary what we see in departmental stores these days. You would be looking at it and imagining if it would be safe to use it, if at all. Then again, those who are new to the scene wouldn't really know, would they?

In more than one ways, the price of a carrier, DOES, after all, reflect the quality of the carrier.
Then again, shall we be happy as that certainly means there is more demand than before for baby carriers? Meaning, more are wanting to wear their babies?

Now, we just need to approach them before they buy a flimsy carrier? Huh... just what would you do?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Article on Spinal Stress

This is a great article that answers many questions most who are new to babywearing will have. Have a read! Click on the link!

I am not sure anymore if copying and pasting (with reference to the original link) is against copyrights. Sorry about the inconvenience but do click, it's worth the extra minute ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Finally, after a year and countless suggestions to include nursing covers into Peekaroobaby, it finally makes sense.

All it took was a couple of friendly reminders "It's useful what!" and I was determined to make them to sell. So much for all those opinions before this!... Big, big thank you to my friends. (Not sure if I shall mention your names here but you know who you are :D)

Then again, those previous ones came from people who does not use nursing covers as much as this duo does... it didn't convince me enough that nursing covers are a practical addition to a breastfeeding mom's gear.

Admittedly, nursing covers were not something I'd use when I was breastfeeding Arthur. We'd just prefer to go to nursery rooms, do it in the car or, sometimes, even in the toilet. I was afraid, that even with the cover, there will be people looking our way...

Anyway, those of you who have been patiently waiting for a Peek-a-Cover (~nursing cover~), do hop over and make your selection.

Launching it in conjunction with the World Breastfeeding Week, they are all discounted at RM30.00 each (Aug 2 - Aug 7) . After which, it will be RM38.00 each.

World Breastfeeding Week 2008 is this Week!

Time really passes by sooo fast and before you know it, it's been a year since my entry on my Breastfeeding Journey. Then, I was just another breastfeeding Mom, trying to make a difference byt encouraging those I am close to, to breastfeed their babies.

Then, at 2007's World Breastfeeding event, I was just another participant who was trying to make herself heard that she is all for supporting breastfeeding...

Then, I found the babywearing love and wanted to shout out to the world in my little voice that we shall all wear our babies!

Then, I was new to the place I now call home... Seberang Jaya (Penang)...

Sitting down here, reflecting on the year gone by, so many things have changed.

As far as promoting breastfeeding is concerned, I am now a member of a Penang-based support group, MMPS. Together with a dedicated team with medical doctors as counsellors, we shall be able to make a difference. Together with all passionate Mommas, we shall be able to bring forth the change in mind that breastmilk, is, after all, the best nutrition there is for our babies.

Aiming to Go for Gold, we have organised a synchronised Breastfeeding event today where 68 mothers (what do you know?? this was exactly the same number we had last year!) have attended to breastfeed their little ones for one minute, together.

In an overall smooth and positive event, we have earned ourselves a bronze medal. That is definitely a good start to a bright future for MMPS :D in our continuing efforts to promote breastfeeding :)