Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is one really funny situation that I keep remembering myself to blog about.

We were bringing Arthur to his weekly Musikgarten class and as usual, we are there early so the kids could play together before the 30minutes class begin. Along with some Alphabets PVC mat on the floor, there is also a box of books for children that the kids can browse through. As there are really limited 'toys' there, the children will usually end up with a book or two and the Mommies will usually grab the moment to read to them/get them more acquainted with books.

Anyway, the funny (it might not be as funny to the Mom) incident happened like this....

A little girl who just turned three (we were discussing her age and I just got to know on that day that she just turned 3) got a book on animals and started pointing to them and asking her Mom what it is, repeating the name of the animals that Mommy told her and the conversation went on like this...

Little Girl : What is this (pointing to a Chicken)?
Mommy : Chicken-lo
Little Girl : Chic-ken... What is this (pointing to a Cat)?
Mommy : Cat-lo
Little Girl : Cat... What it this (pointing to a Buffalo)?
Mommy : Buffalo
Little Girl : Buf-feh...
Mommy : No. Buffalo... not Buf-feh
Little Girl : Buf-feh...

As parents to growing tots, we really have to mind our language, don't we?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Freaky encounter

It's really getting close now... no, it did not happen to Arthur and I but it was really, really, close...

A group of us (Moms and little ones) were having lunch together at the Food Court in Gurney Plaza today and we were almost finishing when it happened...

I guess it could be my luck that my family and I are sitting in a cornered space where people cannot go around at all...

Anyway, friend of mine,S, was holding on to her little daughter,A, and trying to finish off her lunch... hubby of another friend sitting close by her, playing with his own baby... when a stranger, in his 30's approached the little girl and just cannot stop touching her...

The situation was completely weird and totally freaky!

... stranger walked up and stroke little A's hand...
Stranger : She's cute
my friend, S, : Thank you (and smiled politely and turned away)
Stranger went to the other side (that my friend turned to) and stroke little A's other hand...
S gave another smile and turned away again... and again... the stranger just cannot keep his hands off eventhough it was totally clear in S's face that "I don't want you to touch my little girl!"

Hubby was about to tell the stranger to bug off when S decided she'll just walk away from the table... thinking the stranger will leave us alone but he did not! He went on to approach the hubby and the baby... and it took another 10 minutes before he realised and understood he is not welcomed to keep touching our children and looking totally freaky!

Mind you, he did speak good English and seems polite and all... but it is still so freaky that anyone, especially a guy in his 30's, alone, is so interested in touching your little one!

Is this freaky or is this not?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

NEW!! The Wooden Family

Introducing the Wooden Family to Peekaroobaby. Well, there were some that were added before and they are simply irresistable, considering they are hand-painted and wooden. Have I told you, that these lovely woodies are practical, too?
Mini Wooden Photo Frames... RM5.00 each
Magnetic Memo Clips... RM10.00 for a set of 3

Magnetic motifs... RM8 for a set of 12

Check them out from our Peek-a-Play range now!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Babywearing Awareness "Walk" Kuala Lumpur

It's been quite some time since I have worn Arthur, especially since his preference for the strollers when we go shopping and such.

However, seeing so many little ones being worn together must have gotten my Little Arthur excited as he was (after months from our last babywearing moment), tugging to my sling and asking to go into it ;)

So, this was what it is... the Babywearing Awareness "Walk" held in The Curve/Ikano/Ikea on the 16th November 2008 organised by Malaysian Babywearers.

There was a much better than expected turnout... more than 20 babywearers turned up. Paired with husbands and family members, it was like a walking crowd of 40 people, more or less.

The funny moment of the day was when there was a Credit Card salesman approaching us. I was the first being approached (see baby, see business? as they were giving away all sorts of toys for those who signed up). I shook my head and walked on.... then, he saw another opportunity with Syaz and didn't want to let go it that... when Syaz told him she's got to walk together with us... we are in a group, he didn't believe it... until the rest from the back start coming up the same way... then, he knows it true. Indeed, I am not sure if I shall say he is surprised or shocked to see that many little ones at one time!

The plan for the day did not work out at all... many unexpected reasons.... the weekly weekend markets not happening in The Curve... the more than usual (well, sort of expected) crowd for lunch in Ikea...
This is us heading for early lunch in Ikea Restaurant... Can you spot the babywearers?

I had a fun day meeting up with Mommas... especially babywearing Mommas :D
Hoping it's the same for all who attended :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

You need a Mei Tai? Win One!

In conjunction with International Babywearing Week, SnuggBaby will be launching their very own Mei Tai.

Click on it to find out more on how you can win yourself a Mei Tai :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A night to remember...

We are honoured to be invited to celebrate Guy Fawke's night with our English friends today :)

Many, like I, would have heard of/celebrated Halloween but have you heard of Guy Fawke's night?

Apparently, Halloween is mainly an American celebration while Guy Fawke's night is an English one. While the former is celebrated on the 31st October every year where children goes trick or treating, Guy Fawke's night is celebrated on the 5th November annually to remember Guy Fawke's mischief by... (you'll probably get a better understanding of this with the link from above)

Anyway, what we do for Guy Fawke's night is really to set up a bonfire to burn a/some 'Guy's... In England, this would be accompanied by fireworks and sparkly works...

Like my DH puts it, it's more or less like Tian Gung festival (celebrated by Hokkiens on the eve of the ninth day of Chinese New Year) as we burn lots of offerings and play fireworks...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

... lost...

Have you ever got lost in words? Or, rather have nothing to say?

For the past few months, I have been rethinking about my life and where it stands.

For a while, since last September, I was thoroughly enjoying blogging and taking pictures for the blog and telling the world about me and my parenting journey. For that time, I can forego sleep for blogging... somehow, sometime near my birthday in July, one day,... as I was preparing to blog... I stopped.

All of a sudden, I was lost in words... all of a sudden, I had nothing to say! Since then, all of a sudden, I've stopped taking as many pictures of Arthur as I've used to do.

I was lost... not only in words but in many ways... For the past few months, I have been trying hard to focus on life without blogging (my best friend did say he's surprised I blog!)... life without trying to take that picture for a blog.... life without thinking up what to blog...

A few months later, now... I feel like I'll just blog whatever I feel like blogging and put pictures up when I feel like it...

Have you ever been lost the was I was (probably still am)? Have you ever sit back and thought the Internet somehow can also be in the way of developing a close relationship with your child?

Spending wisely

What do you do? How do you do it? At trying times like these, spending wisely attracts much attention. Just what is wise and how do you spend wisely?

When you really look into it, it's really not that difficult at all... instead of eating out in proper restaurants, we either eat in or just go for our meals at the hawker centres. Instead of driving across the bridge for one reason, we try to group a few more so we get more done (and, thus, the toll payment and petrol more worthwhile). And, really, we don't need that new toy, or that new carpet....

When it comes to necessities, like a pair of glasses (I needed a replacement... more often now that I have a kid), how? My glasses needed to be replaced and I was looking around the stores for good deals... mind you, I am not one after branded frames but still, the best I could get is like RM168. Coming across Zenni Opticals was like my prayers answered.

Did you not know you can order your eyeglasses online with a lower price? How?... well, you are not paying for the extra advertisements and you are ordering direct from the manufacturer! Starting at USD$8 per pair (less than RM30!), who wouldn't call that a deal? Even when you factor in the postage charges, it's still a steal!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jewels you can chew on?

... or, rather, YOUR baby can chew on!

I don't really know how it is for other Moms but for me, ever since Arthur has joined us, my jewelleries has been put aside.

The thought of my little one playing and pulling them apart is something I do not welcome. The thought of him biting into them (and, accidentally swallowing them!) is horrifying. Yes, my necklaces and bangles would have gotten much more attention from Arthur than from me, if I were to be wearing them. I know because that is his target when someone wearing them picks him up.

What's more, growing up and teething, he realised he has got a bangle on his very own wrist and no, that bangle is not spared of biting marks! It's coconut shell and hopefully, not harmful. That is a bangle 'for protection'.

So, I am amazed at this find...

They are called chewable jewels and that is exactly what it is! Jewelleries your little ones can chew on! Designed by a dentist, Dr. Helen Bloom Smith, these jewels sure are durable (ask my 2 year and 4 month old!)

The claim...
" Our Teething Jewelry Is:
* Dentist Created and Endorsed
* BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free
* Latex and Lead Free
* Dishwasher Safe"

When we first put them on, they seem to attract dust. However, as they get more used, that no longer is a problem. It must be the glossy surface to begin with. Anyway, with use, the colour and texture got better.

My little one (at 2 years and 4 months) has definitely got very sharp teeth and bites without mercy (I truly hope it is a phase). So, when he feels like biting, I will offer him the pendant instead. I know it's meant more for teething babies but well, let's just say I much prefer him biting into the pendant that on someone. And, the pendant worked. Yes... my little one, with strong, sharp teeth, is no match for it's durability.

I love bangles/bracelets most of all but I have to pass it on, for a better review and hoping it gets better use with a 10-month old, teething baby. Also, it is a bit too big for me to begin with. I suggest they come in sizes.

While my friend and I (who tested the items out) are amazed by the idea of Dr Bloom's chewable Jewels, we find that our little ones seem to know it is not something we DON'T want them to chew on.... so, it's indeed getting less attention than our watches, our slings, us etc. etc...