Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Specially dedicated to Pregnant Moms..

One of my best friend's wedding back in KL over the weekend saw us (DH, DS and I) meeting up with many of my school mates... and their partners... some of who are pregnant... that triggered my thoughts on the many things I wish I'd known since I was pregnant... So, yes, my dear friends and to everyone who is pregnant reading this entry... I wish to share with you, the joy of Breastfeeding, Babywearing and Cloth Diapering...

I was going to post as much information as I could on the above three topics for all but seeing my pregnant friends made me want to do them ASAP. Look out for all the related links and resources I'd find useful through my sixteen months of Motherhood... I do hope I find time enough to link them all from here..

While I had read all I can about breastfeeding and attended many seminars and talks on the topic, nothing really 'showed' me what it meant until Arthur joined my world. At seminars and talks and antenatal classes, all you hear are encouraging statements... turned out to be very different after Arthur is born... however, I was very determined (read: VERY determined.. in other words, STUBBORN) to breastfeed Arthur and that determination made it a success and I am proud to tell the world that I am still breastfeeding Arthur today. Read more about my Breastfeeding Journey. And yes, it does make a difference, trust me, and, it's starting to show.

As with babywearing, I had a very demanding baby which had me longing for a way to carry him all the time.. if only it doesn't cause pain in my back and arms... that was when I remembered seeing someone carrying their babies in some kind of fabric wrapped around them... nothing new... very traditional indeed... that was when I started searching high and low for the sling..I got one... got another.. they are so good... I found a site... I sew them now... it is only much later that I discovered what I have been doing: I am wearing my baby

As with cloth diapers... I had actually came across them since before Arthur was born but my mind was like "why pay so much for a 'cloth diaper'? What's so special about them? Don't I have those white squares from Anakku that are called 'cloth diapers'?" Sadly, it is this very thought that left me using Cloth Diapers with Arthur at a very, very late stage... he'd only started wearing them at 13 months... after I'd quit my job to take care of him full time... after I'd have enough time to really 'study' into them...

Perhaps, a bit more on Cloth Diapers as I've never really gotten into the topic beforehand... the terms used for the normal Anakku white squares are 'lampin' and when 'cloth diapers' is used, it refers to what most call the modern cloth diapers... simply put, they are 'modern' because they can absorb and prevent leaks good as disposables... depending on the types you've got... I will come up with a review with the many brands I've tried out in due time... (yes... two months and I've tried more than 5 brands!.. that's me... just wanna make sure things will be better for my next baby ;-))

I know I'm putting a lot here.. so, just have these three topics in mind and check back for more information.

Above all, Breasfeeding has been a war won for Arthur and I. Really, above all, breastfeed your child!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cool Mom Award

Me? Cool Mom?!I'm not really sure if I can be a Cool Mom. Well, it is a very nice surprise to have received this award. Big thank you to Brenda!

This led me to think... what makes a 'Cool Mom'... ask my 5 year old nephew and he'll probably say.. "if you can understand me and do whatever I say.."... ask my 3 year old niece and this would probably be the respond.. "Mom from the fridge".. haha... ask my 1 year old DS... and he'll probably just make funny noises ("what de??") and run away..

Somehow, being 'cool' and being 'mom' makes me think if these attributes can really blend well together.

Simply, I am just trying to be a responsible Mom as I have a funny believe that children did not ask to be brought to this world... so, the least we can do is to be responsible for their well being and try our best to ensure that they have a beautiful memory of their upbringing... just like what my parents gave me... So, yes.. the award goes to my Mom, too and to my late Dad, he deserves more than a Cool Dad Award...

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Well, well... am I really up for business? Not really. But, really, I wish to spread the joy of parenthood and most of all, my discovery of babywearing... so , really,Peekaroobaby is not going to be much of a business but mainly a portal where (hopefully), people will go to one to in search of all things on babywearing... while breastfeeding and cloth diapering will equally be promoted on this blog of mine..

Too bad I'm not into making nursing wears or cloth diapers. Else, they will also be featured on

So, yes, in addition to the much loved pouch sling, I will also be featuring works from other WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) on Peekaroobaby. All in hope that the site can go on...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Up for business?

Well, I am not a business person... and, never will be (if I have the choice)... While this sounds a bit ironic coming from a Business graduate.. I will tell you why...

1. Making profits and meeting targets are depressing to me
2. I am not a risk taker
3. I want to focus on the reason why I left my full time job.. to be there for Arthur and this shall be my number one priority... all the time...
4. Life does not revolve around money... money does not revolve around life...
5. Life shall be beautiful
6. I love to share.. and when this comes out, some might even hate me for sharing what would be regarded as 'trade secrets'.

I really hope that will be where one can tell and share and discuss babywearing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's in the name...

Just as the inspiration and motivation to sell baby slings come from my little Arthur, so did the name of my business to be... Peekaroobaby...

Really, it's just Peekaboo (a game my little one enjoys a lot together with hide-and-seek) + Kangaroo (after all, lots of people commented that I look like a kangaroo with a joey in me when I use the sling).

I wanted to have it as just but unfortunately, the site is taken. So, then, I thought... I can just add a 'baby' to go with it.. problem is.. shall I put it in the front or at the back?? i.e. shall I call it babypeekaroo or peekaroobaby?

I posed the thought to DH and his reply and analysis was a reasonable one. If I were to choose babypeekaroo, it sounds like there's a baby named 'peekaroo'. 'Peekaroobaby' is more appropriate as it suggests that we are peeking into the sling for a baby.. just nice, don't you think?

And, yes... little Arthur likes to play Peekaboo when he's in the sling.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The birth of Peekaroobaby

I have been using the pouch sling for more than a year now... for someone who loves the sling as much as I do... one is never enough... especially since I have moved to a place where I need to climb four flight of stairs up and down every day... So, I decided to get another sling. This time, I managed to find myself a 97%cotton, 3% stretch pouch sling which is locally made. I braved myself to try it out.

I must admit that the Littlepods sling is great find... I had many a good times with it... The leg padding is great for the hip carry position in preventing cut into Arthur's tender skin... Maybe it's the colour red... it attracted a lot of attention.. which led me to stopping and promoting the sling to everyone who came forward to ask.

Again, to a sling lover like me... still, two is not enough.. Since I gave up my job to be a SAHM, I must admit that I have simply been lazing around the house when Arthur takes his rest... it's been quite some time... the crafty side of me needs an outlet... it was then that it dawned upon me that I can sew my own sling! I did the necessary research and lucky me! I got someone gave me the pattern for the pouch sling from US. I began sewing my own sling and wow!... you won't believe the number of slings I've made for myself.

Every time I come across a nice fabric... it's like... "I must make myself a sling from that!".. Then on... it is sling after sling after sling... slings for me... slings for friends... slings here... slings there... I must have more than ten now...

More and more people are attracted to me babywearing Arthur with all those slings that I made... some who asked where I got it from.. they wish they could get one... it was then that I thought.. if I could spend 30 minutes explaining about babywearing every time someone comes up to me and asked about it...

I could start site which can document all these... a site which can aid and promote babywearing within our community... a site where people can go to to find out all about babywearing and more... a site where people can choose to buy a sling from me.. or not... a place where people can meet and discuss about babywearing... it was then that I started sourcing for all the required information which led to the birth of Peekaroobaby...

Monday, October 22, 2007


"Babywearing?? What is that? Is that what I am doing?" That was my first response when I came across the term as I was searching for slings on the internet.
All I knew then was I remembered seeing babies being carried in some cloth tied around the mother... sometimes, they are just normal sarongs tied around the mother... some looks more fashionable with rings and a trendy tail 'flowing' down the body... then, of course, there are all those thingamagics that men would prefer... those carriers with a seat... I don't like the looks of those, though... looks too 'hi-tech' for little me.

It was then that I came across the pouch sling and a read of the description convinced me that it is just the thing I need to carry Arthur with!... not 100% convinced, though... wait... this online store that I am looking at is going to be at the Parenthood Expo 2006 at Mid Valley... so, with DH and DS, we went on to have a look at the real thing and yes, you guessed it right, I bought it even when it was RM149. Brenda from babysashanmom convinced me that it's the best thing around... I use it 'til this day... can't go anywhere without a sling... need I say more??

Wearing Arthur with the sling from Brenda

As with the term 'babywearing'... I cannot agree more that this is the best term. I was out with my brother, his girlfriend and Arthur one day... Arthur wanted to come out and walk on his own with my bro and his girlfriend while I run an errand... unconciously, I just kepy wearing the sling.. without Arthur in it.. a curious salesgirl came up to me and asked... "mind if I ask? Where have you been? Why are you dressed up in such an interesting manner??"... my reply was simply.. "I wear my baby"

Why wear your baby?

Research has shown babies that are worn cry 43% less overall and 54% less in the evening hours.

Babies that are worn in a baby carrier rarely enter a distressed state.Carried babies quickly gain a sense of security and trust for their caregiver.

Properly worn baby slings evenly distribute babies weight across the caregivers shoulders, hips and back allowing them to hold the baby in a sling for longer periods of time without stress to their body.

Baby Sling offer a hands free way of meeting the child's needs while keeping up with your daily routine!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mama Pads

While I cannot say that I qualify as an environmentalist, I would like to think of myself as trying my best to care for the environment through the simple three steps : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Especially so now when I have a child for "...we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors... we borrowed it from our children..."

As such, I always believe that what we borrowed should be returned in its original condition... we really should do our bit for Mother Nature.

While Cloth Diapers is a great way to reduce waste and encourage reusability.. it is also better for my baby's bum bum... which led me to think... shouldn't mama be wearing cloth, too?

Well, thoughts went back to the time when Mom told me that we are so lucky that pads and tampons are available these days... in her days... she had to use cloth... who do you think is the lucky one here?

Anyway, it is with these thoughts that I searched the Internet... only to find that people still use cloth menstrual pads and like the CDs for my darling, they are good for the environment and even better for people who uses them... which led me to experiment with them ( I might be sewing CDs, too.. one day... when I get suitable fabric...)

I have been experimenting with some mama pads for a while. As I am still breastfeeding, I am unable to test it out for absorbency.. Glad that a friend of mine offered to help... these are what I made for her...

... just like the diapers for my dear son, they are stuffable and adjustable for absorbency, with a layer of nylon sewn in to make it leak proof... I shall be sewing more of them shall it turn out to be ok... will wait for my friend's feedback and I shall keep it posted here, too

Bib for Arthur

This is probably one of the most useful thing I'd sewn for Arthur so far.. And, truth be told, he seems to like it and doesn't let me take it off ;) Makes it all worthwhile...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sew Fun

For those who know, I am kind of a crafty person. Basically, I like to make things from scratch.. which is why I like to cook, sew, knit etc.

While I have longed to attend sewing classes to learn how to make more stuff... maybe some clothes.. maybe a quilt... well, it makes it tougher to do such things with a baby in tow...

My passion for sewing started when I was just a little kid.. seeing my Gran sew patches of cloths into a mini quilt for me.. then, I was around 10 years old... my Gran was kind enough to let me have a go at the sewing machine with some scraps... sadly, the next thing I know... she needs to get someone over to repair the machine... oopss...

You see... Gran's machine was one of those traditional ones where you need to keep stepping on it with a rhythmic flow for it to work smoothly.. then, my legs are just touching the paddles and my 'rhythm' was all out.. Lucky me, I was not punished for jamming the threads. Gran even wanted to give me another go when it was repaired but I just dare not.. that was my first experience at a machine that could really do wonders..

Fast forward 10 years and I was pursuing my studies in Sydney.. with much time and a job with a decent pay... I decided to invest in a sewing machine. After much research and comparison, I'd decided in trusting the salesman to get a Janome Decor... “...easy to maintain... no need oiling..".. these were enough for me to get it and true to his words, the machine is still in tip top condition today. I am glad I trusted him. Then, I sewn myself simple skirts and a quilt for my then baby nephew which he still holds on to til this day...

After returning to Malaysia, though, I have somehow 'abandoned' the machine as work was taxing and there are just so much to do with family, friends and relatives around... It is now that I have quit my job to be a SAHM that my trustworthy machine is out once again...

Then on, I have been sewing, sewing... bibs for Arthur.. pillowcase for Arthur... wipes for Arthur... sling to carry Arthur in... thinking of sewing an apron for Arthur.. yes, can't help it but my world does revolve around My Little Arthur.... it's just sew, sew fun!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My baby needs me... All the time!!

Hmm... Where should I start? Perhaps, I shall start from the time Arthur was born and was a demanding baby... Yes.. my baby, Arthur, was (and, still is) indeed a demanding baby. If you are a parent and you are reading this, I'm sure u'd understand what I mean... if you are a parent and you are reading this and you don't understand what I mean... well, you are one lucky parent!

I'm not sure about how is goes about with other cultures but with us, Malaysian Chinese, the tradition is to go into confinement to get as much rest as possible for at least one month after your baby is born...

As much as I had anticipated it.. "getting as much rest as possible" was never an option for me when Arthur was born. The very first 'barrier' to that was my determination to breasfeed. You will know what I mean if you have read 'My Breastfeeding Journey'. I was and still is the one and only waking up in the middle of the night to feed..

Then, Arthur was dignosed with jaundice, which had us going in and out of the hospital most of the first month... not forgetting to mention all those who are kind enough to visit us almost each and every day in that first month and waking my sleeping baby with the intention to later try to put him back to sleep?? I really cannot just practise 'closed doors policy', can I? (maybe, with the next baby, I will)

I'm not sure if I shall blame it on these but I will anyway.. jaundice and the 'disturbances'... added up to a fussy and demanding Arthur who wants to be held most of the time... who cries for attention the minute I put him down.. who needs to be rocked to sleep in our arms.. who woke up for a feed almost every hour... the first month with Arthur was really a very tiring experience though as many Moms, I'd say it is a very rewarding experience.

Fast forward to a few months later when we started bringing Arthur out... like most, we'd imagine that he'd be a happy baby going out.. being pushed in a stroller.. happy and contented... After all, that's what we see.. picture perfect.. But no... most of the time, he would scream for us to take him out and to carry him... leaving me one hand to push the stroller while carrying him... and til this day.. it's still the same...

In a way, I am tired but still, when I think of it, I am glad I have a baby who loves to be carried and the way we have bonded so well through the experience we shared together...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm turning into a CD Addict

Yes.. I'm turning into a CD addict. How can one not be addicted when there are oh so many choices around. If you are thinking of the prints... that's just one of them reasons... there's the prints... the fabric... the cut... and the oh, so cute baby in it, of course.

It has actually taken me quite some time to go into Cloth Diapers. No doubt I read about them when Arthur was just 3 months old but like most, I just could not imagine the difference of modern CD and the traditional lampin that my family is so used to. And, without much explanation, the first thought is... why pay so much when it does the same thing as the lampin?

After lots of research and many thoughts, I finally brought myself to try it out for the first time... I got some from the Parenthood Expo in MidValley.. Drybees from Miabambina and yes... yes... I got hooked. Bought a couple more and a couple more...

Just when I thought I'd had enough and should stop buying... I came across the Blueberry minky ones from Littlepumkinpies... so, yes... bought another couple... I really need to keep reminding myself that Arthur only needs so much...

Arthur in a minky

then again... the devil in me whispers: "Get more prints for Arthur now... can still use on the next kid..."... Huh... need to struggle with these thoughts... not to mention DH who keeps his eyes wide open every time he sees a new purchase ;)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raising a child...

"In the final analysis, it is not what you do for your children but what you taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings"- Ann Landers

I cannot agree more with the quote of the month in October's Parenthood magazine. 

It amazes me most to see how some parents can still be providing their children with daily allowance even when they have already been in the work force for years. While it could be... "Wow! They are so lucky to have such parents"... if not, it could just be.. "Oh, boy.. when are they ever going to learn to take care of themselves? It is the latter that worries me the most.

Having my own child now, my biggest fear is that I have to leave him to face the world alone at a young age... at any age... At this age of time, one can never tell what it going to happen when... I just happen to be the kind of person who'd like to imagine 'the worst case scenarios' happening and try to be ready, if not prevent it... So, it is no wonder how I try to list things down here and there for my child just in case 'he will never get to see me again'.

Anyway, the point is, my believe is.. the sooner he can learn to take care of himself, the better. Won't this place too much pressure on him to grow up too soon? This, I have to also be careful as I do want him to have a happy and healthy childhood, too. Huh.. I wonder if all parents are the same? One thing I'm sure not many are into with me is that we shouldn't have brought our children to this world... that is another thought altogether.... since I have done otherwise, I can only find ways to make his life a beautiful one, if I can...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Breastfeeding Journey

The recently over World Breastfeeding Week had me thinking... Is it really that difficult for a Mother to breasfeed
her child? If not, why are so many Mothers out there not doing it?

To me, breastfeeding has been a journey well endured... If you ask me now, yes... breastfeeding is Great, Simple, Hassle-free, Healthy, Convenient, Money-saving, Time-saving... there won't be enough space to list down all the positive remarks.

However, looking back at it from now... I've been breastfeeding Arthur for almost 14 months now and all I can say is... to me... a Malaysian Chinese... as may be the case to many of the same race and nationality... breastfeeding requires a lot of determination.

To begin with, I do not have many around me who knows the art of breastfeeding. Admist the many negative remarks about it, I hang on... I... a book lover... a person who likes to research and gather information on everything she's doing... decided to believe in what I have been reading rather than in what I was told.

From the moment Arthur was born... nurses around me encouraged BF... Doctors, too... however, most of the time, it just seems like they are just doing their duty as healthcare providers to encourage it but not to the extent that they understand its implications and the importance of it.

Because of my lack of information and confidence at the time Arthur was born, I failed to provide him with exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months eventhough that was my initial desire... Doctors and nurses who advised me to feed him water as the weather is hot... relatives whose concern is that my baby will bond with me too much (why? people, why is anyone ever afraid of bonding with their baby???)... relatives who believe in all sorts of other supplements which are supposedly good and NECESSARY for babies... a Mother-in-law who keeps telling me that breastmilk is not good as formula... at birth... when Arthur is 1 month old... when Arthur is 3 months old... non-stop... every now and then...

As though having family and relatives who are discouraging is not enough, Arthur's got breastmilk jaundice... a condition which is not serious (which I didn't know until much later and thus, was worried sick most of the first month)... we were frequenting the Hospital and clinics for blood test and to see them draw blood from my poor baby... well, you can imagine. However... somehow, I am thankful for these hospital visits as if not for that, I would have stopped breastfeeding even before Arthur turns 1 month... everyone else was trying to 'scared' me out of it expecially when Arthur has got jaundice that never seem to fade... yes... it was due to breastmilk and no... it is not harmful, as to what many thought...

So, yes, in a way, I was thankful that Arthur has got breastmilk jaundice as that was how I met Dr Amy from HUKM clinic. It was she who encouraged and gave me the confidence to continue breastfeeding. It was she who gave me the courage to be determined and make breastfeeding work for us... It was Dr Amy who taught me to plan for expressing my milk and storing it for when I return to work... I cannot seem to thank this doctor enough for the encouragement and patience in her explanation... we need more doctors like her.

As oppose to some other doctors I met along the way... not that they are not professional in their occupation... just that they do not seem to put breastfeeding as a priorty in their practice... those who advised me to feed my baby water... those who advised me to drink milk in order to produce milk... and a comment from a children specialist that I would never forget... Arthur was down with fever and I brought him to visit this private children specialist... as a routine, he asked of the type of milk Arthur's on and my answer was I'm breastfeeding... to this, unlike so many others who seemed amazed at a Chinese who's breastfeeding her child... this doctor's answer was ... sadly... "wow! If you can breastfeed your baby until now (Arthur was 4 months old)... your whole family won't be needing to buy any milk powder"

Anyway, the point is... I am breastfeeding 'til this day and when I think of people around me... friends... family... who gave breastfeeding a miss... who gave up breastfeeding when baby's less than a month's old... due to pressures from people around them... it is a loss to everyone... the Mother and the child especially.

To people who knows someone who's breastfeeding or is trying to breastfeed, PLEASE... if you cannot give a word of encouragement, just keep quiet.

As I definitely know more about breastfeeding now... I am nore determined to make it work when my next baby arrives... whatever they try to tell me... I'll be the one who insist that my baby gets breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months