Thursday, March 27, 2008

No slings, please...

Despite my high hopes in getting lots of babywearing pictures from Sydney, my little Arthur totally does not want to be in it.

In a way, I do see this coming... Arthur being more mobile these days and wanting to do almost everything by himself... and, yes, that includes walking and being rebellious... this what approaching the Terrible Two is all about, isn't it? (not really.... don't be scared.... not all are the same)... what I did not foresee is a sudden complete stop to being worn, if you know what I'm trying to say. Not that it is good or bad... it simply means I'll miss those days.. dearly...

How much he doesn't want to be in a sling? Honestly, almost eveytime I try to get the sling out, he says "No... put back.".. pointing to wherever I got it from :(

Well... so, no babywearing photos from Sydney... might not even make it to the babywearing meetings as it's way too early in the mornings... huh... still, had lots and lots of fun looking at the different carriers in the land downunder.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Baby Bjorn land

Wow! We are in Sydney for only a couple of days and it is confirmed. This is Baby Bjorn land.

Much better to what we have in Malaysia, Sydney is a place where Baby Slings and Cloth Diapers can be found in baby shops...

Though slings are about AUD$80... much cheaper than a AUD$230 Baby Bjorn... we still see much more of the latter. Sydneysiders seems to prefer the Baby Bjorn more. I was lucky to see one person using the ring sling when I was shopping at Broadway Shopping Centre.

Anyway, will still keep looking out for babywearers and try to snap more babywearing pictures.

Meanwhile, take care and keep an eye on the 'babywearing reports' from me ;)

Just not easy to hold on to my money and not buy more slings/CDs :p

Monday, March 17, 2008

The many ways to an ORANGE baby

Ok, ok... now, don't be too excited if you have a love for orange and babies.... no, we are not trying to perform some magical transformation here. Indeed, this is everything about what you SHOULDN'T be doing so much of, unless you want your baby to turn into an Orange. No, no... not the fruit, rather the colour of the skin.

After a while, I've come to realise that, as a new parent, I am usually not the only one who encounter some 'silly sounding' mistakes.

This particular one has everything to do with what we feed our little ones.

When our babies reaches 6 months of age, this is usually when we start introducing them to solids. As most recipes suggests, some of the 'right' food includes... pureed pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes and the like. On the fruit side of the story, we've been brought up to think that oranges are great in Vitamin C and it's important for us to take in Vitamin C.

Are you beginning to understand how our babies can turn orange?

Like many new parents, all I wanted to do was to provide my baby with the best possible. Naturally, that includes nutritious food. Boy, was I happy and amazed when my baby showed great interest in pumpkin. I am not one who puree food... I was giving him small cubes of pumpkins, boiled soft enough to be mashed with the tip of the tongue... read Chew Baby Chew... at ten months, he can almost finish a full bowl of that. Pumpkin is nutritious, right?

Since we were only to provide pure food for those first years... for a pure start towards a healthy lifestyle, I began giving him pumpkin, alone or combined with other food such as rice, brocolli, carrot etc. etc... most of the time... and, in no time, I've got an Orangey baby!

Nothing wrong medically but as the Doctor advised, food should be given in moderation. We shouldn't be taking in too much of something all the time.

Yes.. I know... but, why was I not practising it with my baby? Probably, I was too afraid to give him too much variety at such a young age, in fear that it will not be right for him. Probable, it could be because I was just too lazy to try more since I've found his 'favourite food' which is so easy to feed to him? Probably due to the reason that I didn't even once doubt the goodness of pumpkin?

Anyway, our babies should have a healthy colour and the colour orange definitely has nothing to do with that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Disposables... worse for little boys?

At the mention that disposables are worse for girls than boys in my CD Review 2, I did get questions where I got that information from and whether it is a trusted source.

Finallly, I've found the page where I've read about how disposables could contribute to "increases in infertility and testicular cancer of the last 25 years... as disposables makes it 1 degree hotter the average temperature of a boy's testicles in a disposable nappy". Where is this from??

Along with other facts and figures through research, check out the Facts & Figurespage on the Australian Nappy Network.

Hilighting some that got my attention...

"Every disposable nappy ever dumped still exists today as they take centuries to break down."
  • Those disposables, however breathable, are more like our plastic bags than we are willing to accept...

"Washing/hanging out/putting away nappies for a bub in cloth full time takes 7 minutes a day - less time than it takes to go to the store and return home with a box of disposable nappies."

  • How true this one... Using CDs have taken off my alertness on sales and discounts on Disposable Diapers. I still remember how I used to keep looking out for discounts on them.. it's the diapers section I check first everytime we were at the supermarket... then, I'd go to another supermarket to compare the prices... who knows how much the going around comparing costs! Just glad the phobia is all over now... I can walk past the disposable diapers aisle without giving it a second thought now ;p

"100 intestinal viruses leach from untreated human waste at rubbish dumps, contaminating ground water at land fill and creating risks to sanitation workers."

  • Think, parents, think! Think about what the future will hold for our babies... Did you want them living on a landfill where their nappies are buried?
  • Something close to my heart since school age... "We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors... We borrowed it from our children"

"50% of total household waste will be disposable nappies, in a household with 1 baby using disposable nappies full time."
  • This would be very true to those using disposables full time. I was only using it on Arthur for outings (at home, he uses the lampin... still does) and already, it was like needing to clear the rubbish every other day. Probably cos we got out very often... Even then, he would sometimes need 3-4 changes at night... we would have changed him to a disposable diaper to get ready for bed... he would poo in it... then, change again... poo a litle bit more.. change again... got that? Sometimes, the nanny even clean the little poo off the diaper to reuse... cos diapers are like more than RM0.50 each... it's like throwing away money! Then again, I don't much like the idea of reusing it though her intention is to save me money.
"3.5 Litres of water needed to make each disposable nappy."
"1 Litre of water required to wash a cloth nappy (depending on machine, and how many nappies are washed in one load)."
  • These two is enough for those worrying about how using CDs will increase the water bill. If environment is first on your list, you wouldn't mind so much who's paying for water, would you? Overall, it saves water!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Taggies Bag custom order

This is one of the few custom orders that got me excited. It is totally custom... most times, my customs are just one of Peekaroobaby's products, tailor made to the customers' desires... the colours, the fabric etc.

This particular one was a very exciting project as Peekaroobaby never sewn this for sale before. Too bad, I forgot to take pictures of the completed project... it will be a very lasting memory, this one.

What is this??!!
This is a custom made drawstring bag for a lucky girl, whose name is embroidered with ribbons... bordered with ribbons.

Inspired by the taggies, this was indeed a very special request.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cloth Pad Review

My experience with Cloth Pads started after my menses resumed (when Arthur is 18 months old... delayed due to breastfeeding).

Having tried it out for about 3 months now, I believe a review is in order ;) Please note, though, that this review is more towards comparing the different systems used in Cloth Pads rather than the different brands of Cloth Pads available.

Unlike Cloth Diapers, I did not really spend much on cloth pads. Reason being, I am trying out the different systems used instead of experimenting with fabric choices.

It's pretty clear now I can sew more of the system I like for my future stash. I am pretty happy for the Cloth Pads to be constructed with just flannel anyway.

DIY Cloth Pad... Pocket with Inserts

This is my very first stack of Cloth Pad for myself. Due to the excitement to try cloth, I'd sewn this even before my menses resumed. The DIY instructions can be found online, together with instructions for cloth diaper sewing ;)

I had no idea that the very first system I've sewn up is the system I love best. It's pocket style where you can actually control the absobency level by varying the kind of inserts used. Just like your pocket CD. The two smaller pads you see on the right are the inserts. They are made with 5 layers of flannel, all sewn in... I'm not really heavy on my menses, so, two sets of the inserts work well for me as daytime pads.

For myself, I did not put in any waterproof barrier. I find this more comfortable though you might want to opt for those with PUL backing if you are starting on Cloth Pads or if you are mainly out of the house most days. Otherwise, with use, you will be able to know when is the time to change without being fearful of an overflow.

Sckoon Giza Organic Cloth Pads

Skcoon was the one particular brand of Cloth Pad I 'ooohed' and 'aaaahhed' over when I was researching on Cloth Pads. The colours are trendy, the organic cotton has got good reviews. The first thought that came to my mind when I first 'met' Sckoon was "Now, that's a clever system".

Like aforementioned, I am more interested in trying out different systems. So, even when this was quite pricey, I didn't mind getting a set of it just to check it out. Especially when it's organic. Have I mentioned I've got a thing for organic stuff? Clothing included.

Anyway, to be honest, I was really impressed at how comfortable and soft the organic cotton felt. I even held it to my face!

However, it is quite disappointing when I found that the fabric shrinks... after which, it no longer fits into the holder. I ended up having to fold it lengthwise... meaning, less absorption.. huh... definitely not the system for me.

Also, the snaps sometimes come undone by itself. Embarassing this may sound but there was a time when the pad totally came off when I was preparing to pee.

To top it all, the waterproof layer is not so waterproof, after all.

I am usually not so much a critic but with the price they charge... I'd reckon it's goodwill keep others informed.

So much so for a clever system where you supposedly can just replace the inserts for a clean feel... :(

Moon Sister Cotton Menstrual Pad

From the very day I purchased this, I had a feeling that this is not for me. How true that is... This is also a pocket style cloth pad, only the pockets open a different way and the outer shell is claimed to be handmade in Japan. The sturdy construction of the outer shell did somewhat impressed me for a moment.

As a start, I didn't like that the inserts are jsut two pieces of towel hanky sewn together... I am open to ideas... so, I tried it on anyway... no.. way too bulky with those hanky.

While the outer shell looks sturdy and all.. it's much too sturdy for a comfortable feeling, if you know what I mean.

This is one pad that ended up unused after the first couple of uses. huh...

Homemade Mama Ultimate II Cloth Pad

These are soft.. these are comfy.. these are absorbent.. these are great! Only drawback.. price. Then again, as with CD, I would say they are worth your sen. After all, I am a sucker for comfort and I believe in spending more on things that cannot simply be acquired from Malaysia.

Only reason why I didn't go for more is I don't really need pads for heavy flows.

Generally, though, I am not so fond of AIOs type cloth pads as I just cannot go past the feeling that it's not clean enough. With pocket style pads, I can remove the inserts and wash them seperately... Just me, I guess.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wear your toddler, too!

To me, the most useful times of the sling is more when we go out... though every now and then, I might need to wear my little Arthur while doing chores at home.

The simple truths on why you need to keep your toddler (i.e. one who's already walking) in the sling...
  • to keep him/her close to you for safety (in view of the kidnap cases, when crossing the roads, when in crowded areas, when you are shopping at the glassware department etc.)
  • to enable you to take a break from having to run after him/her
  • especially useful when your little one is taking a nap... in which case, a two shoulder carry sling (e.g. wrap or mei tai) would come in real handy
  • to make sure you do not 'forget' about him/her when you are rummaging through sales items... yes, this happens... sadly, this is when little ones get bored and tend to wander off...

I'm sure there's more to the above list... keep adding ;)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Day, Women!

It's International Women's Day today!

Yes, a day for Women!

Want to know what it is all about? Check it out!

Whatever it is, Just celebrate for it's your day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Bargain Christmas gifts?

What? Christmas shopping in March???

Not early, really, especially when you think of how some would even plan for Christmas gifts exactly a year ahead of time... Yes! That's when they grab hold of all the bargains on Boxing Day (26th Dec) when clearance sales are everywhere!

Then again, you don't really need to keep those presents THAT long... not if you can purchase bargain Christmas gifts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday of November)! That would be keeping the gifts just for less than a month ;)... really, keeping them from Boxing Day, you might not even remember where you've placed them by the next Christmas.

With so many things to choose from... from clothing to toys to everyday necessities. Yes! Even Toys R Us lists their things for sale at discounts up to 60% for Black Friday! Lego, Leap Frog Systems, Nintendo games... yes, you name it, they have it!

And, you know what? Greater news is... you don't have to wait 'til Black Friday to start checking things out. You can do it today! Check them out and know when these A-list stores go live for Christmas bargain hunting. Know your way around the site as before you have the chance to even log in, the bargains could be gone!

Wait no more! Start planning your Christmas today! Check it out now!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The price of things...

It's election day tomorrow and I just cannot stop myself reading all those banners that the parties have put up to draw votes....

The most mentioned topics is perhaps... the price of things.

Without realising that it will be a 'hot topic' for elections, I have put up a poll on the prices one would be willing to pay ...

A. RM80 for a Cloth Diaper

B. RM100 for a Sling

C. RM300 for a Car Seat

D. RM200 for a pair of Baby Gap Jeans

AS you can see, the answers are quite random but not without reason. Was really checking if anyone would prefer to pay RM200 for a pair of Baby Gap Jeans instead of the other necessities. And, YES... there's a vote for that.

The thing is... with the price increase in things and all... those who wants something bad enough will still find the way to fund it... "When there's a will, there's a way".

I'm not saying I'm backing the previous government but when you think of the promises to not increase the price of petrol and toll etc. etc... think again... do you really, honestly believe that is possible? Are you aware that petrol has always been subsidised by the government? All I'm saying is that we should really think twice before believing in these 'promises'.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2 Pouches 1 Toddler

A simple trick if you have two pouches and a heavy toddler is to wear your little one with 2 pouches. It kind of mimicks a wrap and will help distribute the weight over your two shoulders.

I have purposedly chosen contrasting fabric, hoping that the two pouches are obvious

This is how it will look from the back
As you can see, it is still very important to practise the same principles as you would with one pouch... just repeat what you are already doing with one pouch.
  • ensure that the fabric is still wide open and not scrunching up to your neck
  • ensure fabric is well spread out across your back

The above can also be done with the ring slings, only you have to have mastered adjusting the rails before you try it.

Possible positions with 2 pouches/ring slings... tummy to tummy, hip carry and back carry (with help of another adult for putting toddler in and taking toddler out).

Happy Experimenting and Happy Babywearing!

Ok ok... don't get over excited with the word "Experimenting". Please ALWAYS experiment with care. You might want to try new carries near a bed or other soft landings if you are unsure.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Adjustable Pouches

Have you heard of adjustable pouches? Do you know what they are? Well, just do a Google search and you will find that adjustable pouches can be a tempting find for a pouch sling lover! (I would love to put a pic here but I am not into stealing pics from the Internet)

Simply put, the adjustable pouch is your favourite pouch, but ADJUSTABLE! Now, wasn't a great drawback for pouch slings are that they aren't adjustable? And, no... we are not talking about the hybrid ring slings with a short adjustable tail. This is still very much a pouch sling where, once adjusted, there's no fuss with buckles, rings etc.

Are they all good? From reviews and researches, well, let's just say that I have not found one that is really tempting enough for me to try on. Probably because I can sew my own pouches, I am taking my time to find the ultimate adjustable pouch system that is comfortable.

I stress a lot on comfort. Out of the many ways to adjust a pouch... snaps... hook & loop... zippers... I imagined that hook & loop should be the best when it comes to "not feel a thing" but will it actually last and will it actually be safe enough. Knowing hook & loop from my CD experience... I must say that I doubt it will last. Unless, there are special hook & loop designed to last? IS there such a thing, to begin with?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's election day!

I simply couldn't believe it's election time again. While I am not really a very political person, I still remember the fear in me during the last elections. That was the very first election that had me interested. Before then, I just didn't bother.

Why was the last so interesting? And, why the fear? Guess I am just one of those people who are afraid of what changes it will bring with a new PM and all. In more ways than one, I must say that I am all into the new PM's way of focusing on the little things in life... such as better public service, better public transportation etc. Well, I am in no big business to see it from the other point of view but I am just a plain o' citizen who takes the bus... who needs to pay taxes... who needs to get a passport done.... and with these, I saw changes that I like ;)

Riding in a car, passing all those election banners... asking for votes... DH made a comment which could not be more true... "Malaysians way of trying to win over in an election is to highlight what the other party cannot do instead of highlighting what they themselves can do"... how true is that? Instead of promising better hopes, they try to belittle the others...

Anyway, whatever the changes, guess we'll just have to live it through. After all, the only thing that's constant is changes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rare, am I?

It has been awhile since I last visited Blogthings. I may have a hundred blog ideas in my head but I am just not in the mood for blogging today.... just in the mood for reading blogs. It's just one of those days where words simply could not describe my feelings. It's been a rainy day, after all.

Anyway, dropped by Blogthings to find if I am rare...

Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP)

Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men

You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.

It is somewhat me. For you who knows me, what do you think?