Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chinese New Year!

The Lee Lee Ang Lion Dance Troupe

Yes! We are back from our CNY trip to KL and boy! was it fun!

I must really say that it has really been a great time for us to visit our friends and relatives. Arthur couldn't be more happy and excited than being able to be with so many goh-goh and jie-jie.. not to mention the di-di and mei-mei... saying that he enjoyed the stay in KL is an understatement...

The Lion Dance Pants made its appearance when the Lee Lee Ang Lion Dance Troupe (Jung, Jia and Arthur) made their debut performance at my in-laws place on the third day of Chinese New Year... Mind you, it is no child's play and it attracted much attention. Honestly, the guests were much happier than if it were the usual grown up troupe ;)

Arthur leading the lion

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