Friday, February 22, 2008

Bonding in a sling


Have you noticed that you tend to stroke your baby more when you are wearing him or her in a sling? I do. I stroke my little Arthur, give him a kiss whenever I feel like it and know what? he is now returning the favour. He would just turn my way and give me a kiss out of the blue... heart melting ;)

I am not sure how true this is but I notice that parents with baby carriers... those with buckles and looks like a school bag... they do not stroke their babies as often... have you used both of them? Did you feel like stroking your baby more when in a sling or a baby carrier?

Whatever it is, it is just a wonderful feeling for us both when Arthur is in the sling... he will even turn my way and hug me every now and then. Now, how could you possibly do that so often is he's in the stroller?

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shida said...

yess.... the most precious moments whenever i babywearing anis.

hugs, kisses, baba cak/peekaboo, sleeping, breastfeeding..... its all happens when i wearing anis with sling.

as a working mom, i have to send my baby to nursery but im very glad that i still can streghten our mom-baby bonding together.

hooray to babywearing.