Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lion Dance Pants!

This project has been pending even before Arthur was born!

Yes, my nephew, Jung, is very into Lion Dance. Though I did not make a promise, but he had indeed made a request for these pants since about 2 years ago... and this Yiyi... lazy... wasn't sewing as much then... took her own sweet time to drag out the sewing machine... (read DIY or Buy? Buy or DIY?)finally, got it done this year!

Why this year? How about Arthur is also into Lion Dance.... the sewing machine is always set up unlike before... already got more than enough fabric for this project... mainly, before my nephew is all too grown up to dance with the lion! He is going to turn 6 this year. He is so into Lion Dance that he even went all the way to perform during his last prize giving ceremony... too bad this lazy Yiyi hasn't got it done then ;(

So, here's how it looks ;)

Threealtogether... since I am already making them.. might as well make one for each... my nephew, Jung... his sister, Jia Wen and or course, my little Arthur
That about wraps up my sewing for the year of the Boar... now, let's be patient and see what I can come up with for the Rat Year ;) ... adjustable pouches?


shida said...

been search on adjustable pouch too. look similar to normal ring sling. would love to discuss this with u soon...

Jess said...

Yes, Shida... been wanting to make them but must admit I still need time to research on them.... there are indeed many, many ways to an adjustable pouch. Making them adjustable is one thing... making sure they are comfortable is another... To me, comfort wins over adjustability... if I can have both together, just GREAT ;)