Saturday, February 2, 2008

The first ever Malaysian Babywearing Workshop

In my quest to make Malaysia a pro-babywearing community, I have long wanted to have frequent gatherings and workshops... just to share the babywearing love.

With these workshops/meetings, I am hoping to meet up with interested parents and/or caregivers to dicuss on anything babywearing related.

Whether they already own a sling is not the most important. The main thing is whether they are willing to try it out. So, at any time, they are encouraged to bring along their baby carriers, slings or even just a piece of cloth.

Babywearing need not be expensive. If you can wrap/tie, even plain old bedsheet can do the job. Just so you know, though, for a simple tie, the fabric needs to be at least 2.5m long and about 25" wide.

Whether they have slings of other brands is not important, too.... many would think that because I am selling pouch slings, they would need to be my customers to attend... NOT TRUE! Peek-a-Pouches are the type of slings that have and still helping with my parenting days. Selling them as an option to those who cannot sew and as a way to promote babywearing. In time, I hope I could sell enough to help me fund more babywearing activities... still dreaming of a Malaysian Babywearing Conference ;)... perhaps, I might just wake up one day and get a call from someone wishing to hold it? At the moment, all I can do is... Dream on...

Anyway, for the very first babywearing workshop in Penang, we have a very kind couple willing to let us use their place for the meeting. That will be the best option for now... definitely better than having kids roam around a mall/cafe, I believe.

Topics include:
  1. Benefits of Babywearing
  2. Carrying Positions
  3. Various types of slings (pouched, ring slings, mei tai, podaegi, wrap)

Not sure if this is a good thing but in a way, I take these workshops seriously as anything we discussed matters in the babywearing lifestyle. So, yes, handouts and information leaflets are to be given out to participants.

Then again, we shall all be having fun as our little ones mingle and share the fun ;)

Can wait for it to actually happen! Hope this marks many more meetings to come ;)

Want a babywearing meet near you? At a time you prefer? It's all possible. Just gather at least 5 participants and we can make it work ;)

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