Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When is best to get a sling?

Well, coming from me, one might think I am pushing hard at my Peek-a-Pouches. That's why one seldom hears me mentioning it. Any mention of babywearing from me usually includes the information that there are many ways to wear a baby including the pouch, ring sling, wrap etc. etc.

Anyway, I was asked this question directly on the last market day (please be patient... will load pics and do a post on it soon). And, my honest and truthful answer couldn't be more than when you are expecting!

Why? Simple. I wish I had a sling with me during confinement. Arthur was a colicky and fussy baby. One who needs a feeding about every hour and a half, if not sooner.

Also, as he was diagnosed with breastmilk jaundice, we had to be in and out most of his first month of life... carrying him with my hands on these trips... one which lasted the whole day at a government hospital... resulted in Arthur's head being uneven.... yes, it is still obvious and visible if you look close enough. It's shaped as per where my arms were to cradle him... huh... not much choice here. He wouldn't go into the stroller then (indeed, he wouldn't go into the stroller anytime!)...

It really wasn't easy. It was during confinement that I wished soo sooo much I had a sling with me. It was during that month that I longed and longed for a way to have him close to me without straining myself.

I'll admit I didn't read up enough on babywearing then. Indeed, I wouldn't know to search on 'babywearing'. All I knew was that there's this fabric that people would tie around them to carry their babies... and confinement month was no way I was allowed near a computer .. not even books... these are supposed to be bad for my eyes... huh...

So, yes, while I would definitely advise anyone pregnant to have a sling before baby is due... again, it is up to personal preference.

At Peekaroobaby, I try my best to encourage this by offering an exchange within the first month from when baby is due. Of course, terms and conditions such as the sling has got to be new and in a sellable condition.

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