Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 2008 Market Day

Held on the 24th February (every last Sunday of the month) this time, the Little Penang Street Market saw little crowd. Could it be the start of the quiet season already, with all the big festive days behind us?
Anyway, we still had lots of fun!
February's theme was 'Celebrating Women'... themed in conjunction to International Women's Day which will be celebrated on the 8th March 2008. Women, mark your calendars. It's 8th March every year. Instead of Valentine's... when everything is highly priced, why not get your partners to celebrate International Women's Day with you.... beware, though, your partner might not like how it sounds... 'International Women's Day' doesn't sound like there's a part for men, does it? haha...
As usual, though not very usual.... there are programmes lined up for the day. The highlights are probably these two... the Chinese Opera and Women Wushu demonstration.

Interesting full costume Opera. While I admire the costumes and the set up... I have no idea what the play is about as it was in Hokkien. If I were to stay longer in Penang, I might take up PHD (Penang Hokkien Dialect) someday

Father and Son posting for a picture to mark the start of the day ;)

Wushu Demonstration

Trying out the sling... Aren't they gorgeous?

Towards the end of the day... Father and Son feeling worn out...

As mentioned, it was a pretty quite market day, the February one was... not much sales but as long as I did attract one person to stop by my stall and am able to share the benefits of babywearing... I am happy!

As though to celebrate the day, hubby brought us to Taoz at Auto City for dinner. I love buffet... I love Japanese... I love having a meal with more than just the three of us... Yes, it was a great dinner. Thank you, dear hubby.

Market goers, please note... Peekaroobaby will not be at the markets in March as we will be taking a trip then. See you in April 2008!

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