Friday, February 1, 2008


Hmmm... It's been a while since my last tag... This one is from BzBee

1) I love to eat:
This first one is already so difficult... lemme see... is there anything I don't love to eat? *LOL*

Ok, ok... if I must name something.... it would be pizza! Just imagine, this Momma here can down a regular by herself ;)

2) I love to go on:
A holiday by myself... that would be the ultimate holiday for me ;) No need to think of anyone else beside myself... do whatever I want to do, go wherever I want to go, eat whatever I want to eat... selfish? you know what I mean... just the most carefree vacation one could get

3) I hate to go on:
Shopping trips in a crowded mall where all you ever seem to do is walking from one end to another.... walking, avoiding the crowd ... walking, avoiding the crowd... and walking until you are so sick and tired that you just leave without achieving much.

4) I love it when:
I sit on the rocks by the sea, hearing the waves lapping on... thinking of nothing... staring into the blue, blue sky...

5) I hate it when:

I see people waste anything... electricity, food, water... anything! Perhaps, I have grown up with a Granny who would only switch on the lights in the room we're in... leaving the rest of the house dark... but, hey! it saves electricity!

6) I love to see:
The smiles on faces... priceless how they can brighten up my day even when they are total strangers

7) I hate to see:
Ill-mannered fools... especially those who call themselves 'educated'... wonder where they got their 'education' from

8) I love to hear:
My little Arthur calling me "Momma"... in the exact tone that I'd imagined my child would call me even when I was little... from the cartoons...

9) I hate to hear:


bZbee said... fast..hehe..yeah..don't you hate it when the malls get over headache...especially bringing along a toddler or infant...totally stressed out...

Sweetiepie said...

i don't mind shopping in crowded mall as long as i have $$$ with me :)