Monday, February 18, 2008

When do you stop breastfeeding?

My breastfeeding journey was never an easy one to begin with. However, with much determination and preserverance, I am consider myself lucky to still be able to breastfeed my little Arthur until this very day.

At 19 months and 3 weeks, Arthur is now not so little anymore... especially when you saw me carrying/breastfeeding him. The view of it is enough to make one wonder if the toddler is my son ;)

Anyway, the question that have been coming at me lately... not that this is something new... "When do you plan to stop breastfeeding him?"... Eyes roll when my answer almost always comes out to be... "When he stops taking it."

For one, til this very day, I am not sure why MIL is not supportive of breastfeeding. While we were back in KL, the above has been a constant question from her.

Then, there's relatives.. most who were afraid of a clingy baby if they were to breastfeed... asking me to start weaning Arthur to formula even when he was barely 3 months old...

Anyway, glad they no longer ask about it as much now as I guess my determination to breastfeed proved to them I am not going to stop no matter what.

The thing is, as many breastfeeding Moms would agree with me... we are just too focused on providing the BEST for our babies that there is nothing that could stop us from breastfeeding.

The matter on when to stop breastfeeding often comes back to "the feeling (the bonding time) is so great that it will be sad to really have to stop one day".

Anyway, many stop breastfeeding or will wean their babies when they get pregnant again... in fear of lack of nutrition. Most others will stop when their little ones are about two. Some goes the mile and still breastfeed their children who is 4 years old. So, when do you think you will stop breastfeeding?


Mom to Haariz & Idrees said...

I think, I will stop at 2 (hopefully we can last that long). I cant imagine no bf him anytime now..

Rayhana said...

Hi there Jess,
As a Muslim, it is stated in the Qur'an, complete breastfeeding is 2 years. So I hope to achieve 2 years, or close to that!
I've had my share of criticism but I persevered.. had cases of mastitis, and now have frequent milk blisters (which translates to O-U-C-H).. but I still have 11 more months to go, God willing!
I had taken a pre-natal course with a lady who is pro-BF ( and no 'your baby is not getting enough.. etc etc' was gonna stop me!

Elaine said...

Take the child as your lead. I did drop hint to my son asking if he's ready to "off breast" , he was weaned on 26th month, with much ease.

As for the in-laws and relatives part, I have also encountered the same problem, they will not directly talk to me about it, somehow they will hint if baby is getting sufficient and ask me to supplement with formula

Jess said...

Hi Farid and Rayhana, I never knew that it is stated in Qur'an that complete breastfeeding is at 2 years. How good is that ;)

Hi Elaine, I am thinking of taking the cue and trying to get mutual agreement from my little one, too ;)