Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentine's Day is here!

Have you been scratching your head over what to give your loved ones for Valentine's Day? However perfect your other half may be for you, aren't there things you wish he or she knows more of? Your preferences... your likes and dislikes... your favourite taglines... your lousiest moments...

Well, look no further for this will be the perfect gift! With this, your other half will certainly know what you want them to know!

No kidding!

How can this be possible?

How about.... YOU are the author of this book? Yes, YOU! Other than the title and a few quotes, this book actually consists of blank pages for you to fill in. Brilliant idea? I think it is.

With a catchy title and humourous quotes, I cannot help not picking it up and wanting to buy it ;)

Look at the top... 'Less than 1000 000 copies sold worldwide'

Look at the bottom... Tan is the Author whose known for his PHD (Penang Hokkien Dialect)

Look at the quotes... found on the first few pages of the book.

I discovered this book at January's Little Penang Street Market. The author is generally well-known for his "Learn to Speak ... Penang Hokkien Dialect (PHD)" but it was this very book on display that caught my attention the most.

Initially, I thought it is like one of those self-help books like those from Allen and Barbara Pease (i.e. "Why Men Lie and Women Cry) ... but no, this is much more interesting.

While you can get "Learn to Speak ... Penang Hokkien Dialect (PHD)" major bookstores like MPH, this particular book is only available through mail order.

Price? RM5 each plus RM2 postage and handling charges. Want one? email the author himself.... tanchoonhoe@hotmail.com or call him at 012-482 0038.

Hurry! Valentine's is just around the corner ;)

And, to quote the back cover...

Women, get this perfect gift for your men. Write down everything you want them to know, accompanied with messages of love e.g. "I will always love you even though your snoring disturbs my sleep"

Men, get this perfect gift for your women. Write down everything you want them to know as well e.g. "I always feel embarassed sharing a table with you when you start digging your nose while waiting for the food; but no matter what, I will always love you!"

Let your curiosity get the better of you and buy three books for triple the price of one and have three times the laughter!

Please note that this is not a paid review. It is just something I've discovered that I wish to share with you. I know this could be a little late for a Valentine's gift.. problems with camera delaying this post.. but hey! who says it must be for Valentine's?


Montessorimum said...

Interesting!! I'm still scratching my head on what to get for my man. Feel like getting this book, however he's not really a bookworm like me. :(

Sweetiepie said...

This books sounds interesting!Wish you and your family acquaintances a year blessed with good luck and good fortune.