Sunday, December 16, 2007

"We don't go out often"

That's probably the most I've heard from the last market day in my attempt to promote the sling to those who are carrying their babies. It simply means that they view the sling as something one would use to carry their babies when they are out and about... in other words, replacing the stroller.

Well, I have been thinking of it ever since. I am not a very good seller. At such comments, I'd usually just give them a smile and accept the comment. Just as those who'd told me that they are pregnant... those who'd prefer their maids/caregivers to carry their babies... how much do you think I should tell them without them feeling that "You are just trying hard to sell your slings!". How far can I go on to truly share with these people the joy behind having their babies close to them, out or at home?

I am sure that there are moments when we are at home that babies cry for attention. Whether they are fussy, parents/caregivers will know that they are those times... whether they are a tiny newborn or a toddler two.. they are those times... Believe me... there are those times. This is when babywearing helps.. A LOT.

Sharing with you my occassions with babywearing at home... I've worn Arthur while I was doing the laundry, while using the computer, at times when we just want to stand by the windowsill to enjoy the scenes... of course, for play, too. I'm sure there are more than these but I just can't get it out right now.

Perhaps, it is because I am a Stay At Home Mom without a helper/maid/assistant or whatever you may call them. So, really, it's just Arthur and I at home most of the time and sometimes he can really be very clingy.

The Malaysian culture has it in such a way that most homes (at least those I know of) have a helper... where both parents need to work to bring in the bread. So, if the parents are tired.. the duty is simply passed on to the carer or kakak (Indonesian maid). I heard on the radio one day.. sad but true... the first ones Malaysian babies learn to greet these days is "Kakak". I didn't want that for sure... My baby, at six months, started showing his preference towards his then caregiver over me... that's why I decided to quit.

But then again, aren't there moments when you got home from work.. eventhough you are tired, that you wish to have your baby close to you?? Well, at moments like this.. just wear them... effortlessly... ;)

The next comment that came up most?? "Ohh... isn't that similar to what Kakak is using to carry baby?"... think about it.


allthingspurple said...

Ashley is already 2 years old and I still carry her in a sling out shopping sometimes. My husband doesnt really like it cos of all the stares, (but I dont let anybody tells me what to do anyhow) but Ashley just get so excited when she sees the sling. I think she misses the days when I used to carry her in the sling when she was a baby. Now I just use them when I need to nurse her while out shopping. she wont stay in the nursing room and like me to move around.

Jess said...

all thinngs purple, I think it is really good to still be using the sling with Ashley especially in crowded areas... ensures she's safe near you ;)

Jess said...

Oh.. I forgot to mention... my 3 year old niece also enjoys being worn very much although she was not being worn by my Sis before. Everytime she sees me with the sling, and when Arthur is out of it... she will ask for me to wear her ;);)