Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Discovery of Wipes Containers

As with all Peekaroobaby products, the Peek-a-Wipes Case has its own story to tell. Ever since I began using the flannel wipes as, well, baby wipes (to wipe my little one's bum bum), I have been searching for a way to bring them out, pre-wet. Then, I did not know about the use of wet bags. Nor did I have the idea to put them in a plastic container or a zip lock plastic bag. Yes.. all these works as well.

On discussion with Sandra from MiaBambina, her advise was to bring a little sprayer of solution to wet the wipes before use... this worked well, too. Still, I'd prefer to bring them out pre-wet, just like any wet tissues... for the sake of convenience.

So, I did a little research on reusable wipes and came across so many variety available.. the flannel ones, the fleece ones, the terry ones, the hemp ones..., not forgetting to mention the possible homemade wipes solutions to use... it was then that I realised most of the wipes sold all over the world states that ".. it will fit the standard size travel wipes case"... I began scratching my head... the 'standard size travel wipes case' here in Malaysia seems to be the aluminium foiled ones... small and not really reusable... if you know what I am talking about (the ones from Anakku etc.)... then, more research revealed that most of them from overseas uses the Huggies brand wet wipes! There you go! So, it's the Huggies brand wet wipes case they are talking about.

Next thing I know, I went Huggies brand wet wipes-hunting. Bingo! Got them from Carrefour.. yes, you may get them from there, too. They come with 16 cute and, I would say, unique wipes. These cases can be refilled and will fit around 6 double sided flannel wipes (i.e. Peek-a-Wipes) or around 3 to 4 flannel/sherpa or flannel/terry wipes.

Initially, I just used the case as is... just another plastic case. Then, with more research, I realise that the case can be decorated to look nice =). Now, wouldn't that be great? Just makes that diaper changing routine a bit more tempting ;) and shall I say, a bit less unattractive..

That's the story behind the hand decorated Peek-a-Wipes Case. Just a trendy and practical necessity to bring around. Don't be surprised, though... you might even be tempted to steal it away from the diaper bag just for your personal use... to keep your make up brushes, to keep your nick knacks, to keep your cards etc. etc.. the possibilities are just endless.

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Peridot&Sapphire said...

thanks for the sharing on homemade wipe solution... I'm not really venturing in using cloth wipe with any solution yet. Now I know how to make one that I prefer... :)