Sunday, December 23, 2007

My CD Journey

Of the three of my new found passions with regards to parenting, Cloth Diapering turns out to be the most expensive. Please don't let this scare you... it need not be that way. It's just me and my hunger for experiments. Otherwise, it will prove to be much more economical than the use of disposables and much more environmental friendly. In my case, it is the latter that gave me the motivation to try out and am now addicted to modern cloth diapers.

Wherever I can, I try to do my bit for the environment. See the person saving up the pieces of cardboards or Tetrapacks from the rubbish? That's me... See the person trying to reach for things in the dark just to save switching on the lights for a moment? That's me... See the person turning off the flowing tap while she's brushing her teeth? That's me...

Anyway, my journey into CD started late. I was held back due to the price of it and lack of information on how well they could replace the disposables. Simply put, it never occured to me that there could be a way to completely take disposable diapers out!

Unlike my hard won battle with breastfeeding and babywearing, cloth diapering was seen more as a place for me to spend lots of money... though, in this case, no one was saying anything against it other than its price... I'll just say that they are simply comparing a CD to a pack of disposables... though, if you really think of it.. how many packs of disposables would you need in a month?

Initially, in trying to do my bit for the environment and for the good health of my DS, I try to have him in the lampin as much as I can. I cannot bring him out in a lampin, can I? As we are a fairly 'outgoing' family... it resulted in... Arthur being in a disposable more than the lampin... Arthur getting very bad nappy rash where we often need to leave his bottom naked to air it and dry it properly (even the most expensive rash cream in the market wasn't working for him)... I being reluctant to go out as often as I'd like to in fear to return home to find a bottom filled with rashes...

So, the start of the CD journey was mainly to take care of the rashes! Initially, calculative as I am, I thought I'd just get a few to replace the dispos when 1) he's taking his nap 2) we're going out... then, it never occured to me that it will also work for the nights...

My first purchase was a couple of pocket diapers (Drybees) and a couple of fitted diapers (Freshbots). Know what? I simply fell in love with them and how dry Drybees can be! Then on, you can say I never looked back... then on, there's a new CD addict on the block who just cannot stop trying out the different brands with the different features - dry, absorbant, soft, trim...

As with anything, there are some that I like more than others etc... To date, Arthur's CD stash includes:

  1. Drybees pocket

  2. Freshbots fitted

  3. Blueberry Minky side snaps

  4. Blueberry Minky one size

  5. BumGenius one size

  6. Baby Beehinds bamboo fitted one size

  7. Bumwear pocket one size

  8. Bella's Bottom fitted one size

  9. Ella's House fitted one size

  10. Lampin, lampin and more lampin!

Well, I don't have many of each.. mostly just one of each... look out for my CD review on each of them. ;)


allthingspurple said...

true true. I first fall in love with modern cloth diapers when i saw how drybees stays dry too !! Then i went on to fitted and wool and there goes a small fortune. ha ha

Jess said...

ATP, Yes... that's just how it all started.. tee hee