Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Mei Tai or a Pod?

So, I was going to sew a Mei Tai, right? No... now, I am not sure which I'll be sewing.. a mei tai or a podaegi (pod) or both??! Maybe, you can give some comments on shich I shall try out with first.. considering I am to carry a 12kg toddler.
A little on each...
Mei Tai
(photo taken from www.meitaibaby.com)

Traditionally, the Chinese mei tai was a square or nearly square piece of cloth with parallel unpadded straps emerging from the sides of each corner. It was traditionally secured by bringing all the straps together in a twist with the ends tucked. The mei tai did not become well-known in the United States until 2003, when several designs that added padding, a longer body, longer top straps and a more "wrap like" tying method were created and made popular.


A podaegi (sometimes translated as podegi or podeagi) is a traditional baby carrier design from Korea. It is a piece of fabric that wraps around the mother and baby and is secured with two long sashes holding the baby in place on a mother`s back.

There are four (that we know of!) hands-free ways to carry the child, from infancy through toddler-hood, including one method that does not use the shoulders to carry baby's weight. This makes the podaegi particularly well-suited to a variety of body types and physical conditions. All of these characteristics come together in a versatile and practical baby carrier for anyone who needs to get things done.

If you've read Distribution of Baby's Weight, you'll know that the carriers used in babywearing your little one can generally be grouped into three - one shoulder, two shoulders and the torso carries.
While the Mei Tai is more like a wrap and shall be able to do most carries and distribute the weight all over the body, the Pod is more a torso carrier... then again, from the instructions, the pod looks much simpler to sew but it has a little extra blanket that will hang out, unlike the Mei Tai, which is all tucked... which looks better to you? Which one are you more interested in to see a blog on?


Rayhana said...

I never really saw what the pod looks like until now.
It does look like what the patapum is based on? with the extra bit of fabric around the lower waist?
I would love to try both to see which fits best (DS is growing each day and I would LOVE a back carrier!) but unfortunately we don't have that luxury in our country..!

Jess said...

Rayhana, the pod is not like the patapum at all. It is more towards a mei tai but just a simpler version, with just on long strap. Look it up on TBW.

I know how frustrating it can be to see something online which is not possible to get from here... In case you are wondering, I believe I will not be selling the pod or the mei tai in the near future as I am only starting to try it out now but you are welcomed to email me if you are interested in trying it out with me.. we can work something out together. ;)