Friday, December 21, 2007

Trying out the woolies

Just wanted to 'show off' my new purchases that I'll be trying out with Arthur.. Arthur has always been a heavy wette during the night. Many a times, we have the leaking problem and half the time, it is not due to overflow but more of it was 'aimed to leak'... if you know what I mean.. half the nappy is still dry... Before you think it is the fault of CDs... No... we have this problem even when he uses disposables (we still use disposables every now and then when the CDs do not dry in time)... But, really, I am aiming to go dispo-less ASAP simply because every time he's on disposables, his rashes are back.

Anyway, got these from Etsy. If you do not mind having recycled wool for your woolies/longies/shorties, you can shop on Etsy for them... they are even better than Ebay in terms that the pricing is fixed. With Ebay, one might just get too excited to bid for the low price, forgetting that they might need to pay a high shipping charge. On Etsy, however, the shipping is also listed.

Got these from Lambypants. All I can say for now (as I have just started on them, it's not fair at this moment to review them) is that it is value for money simply because 100% wool yarn is so so expensive in Malaysia! Don't forget to add in the time and energy required to knit it, too. Also, the fit is very good and it is pretty close to how it was described.

Front Snap Cover


Peridot&Sapphire said...

Yay! You are using recycle woolies as well! You'll definitely love them on heavywetter. We can have wool talk often now... :)
In fact I bought the wool yarn from Aussie even with the shipping its still cheaper than local. There are many type of wool out there... I did lots of research and study before the purhase and don't forget to specify it's the wool yarn for nappy cover.
Anyway, I have a tag for you:

Jess said...

Yes! I don't mind recycled items as long as they are from a clean environment. Wool yarn is just sooo expensive here. The amount you pay for enough wool for a longie, you might as well get a recycled one. Also, the time it takes to knit... And, I'm sure if you mention it to people here that you need it to knit a nappy cover, they won't have any idea what you are talking about!