Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Wow! Can you believe the year is really coming to an end??

This particular year that I am talking about saw a lot of changes in me... in my surroundings.

For one, I am now a WAHM. **woohoo..** I started the year off as a trainer for an insurance company. Sadly (cos I had to leave it), it was my best jobs ever (in Malaysia) since I returned from Sydney. Was really very heavy hearted to leave... especially with those colleagues of mine planning a surprise farewell party (I was indeed surprised!!) It was like family and I sure would love to stay on longer. A boss that values my work... friendly and willing to help inter department colleagues... don't know what else I could ask for.

Still, from a FTWM, I chose to quit (due to many reasons) and become a SAHM. I have always wanted to be a SAHM (even before I got married!) if we could afford it as I believe the moments spent with your children as you watch them grow up is simply priceless. How true.. I am still enjoying it..

If you asked me then... even if you ask me now... it has never occured to me that I will be in business someday. Even now, 'business' is not so much a business to me as all I ever wanted to do is to spread the joy of babywearing... breastfeeding... cloth diapering... Even now that I have started selling the slings, I would still say that I much prefer blogging about it and sewing them to actually selling them. Then again, of course, when I bumped into someone using my sling... WOW! Just can't find a proper word to describe that feeling!

Perhaps it is from my degree in Business and having a businessman father and a businessman father in law.. people around me has always suggested that I go into this business or that.. but, no... let's just say that I am the kind of person who'd just prefer to get a fixed salary.

So, really, it never occurred to me that someday, I would be selling stuff (made by myself, too!) and I would be setting up stalls in a market!

A toast to the changes and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. May all the good things start happening your way come 2008!

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