Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wear your baby... as you need

My 12 kg little one has been boycotting the sling since we were on the family trip to Sydney in April.

As surprising as his sudden lost of interest in being in the sling, he seems to know when it is necessary for him to get into the sling.

Back in Malaysia, my little Arthur is no longer boycotting the sling anymore. The change could be due to the lack of greeneries for him to explore compared to Sydney... where we usually allow him to roam free at the parks.

With an active and growing baby, it is no surprise that babywearing will be less once they realised they've got legs! With Arthur, it's more like he now knows that he can climb stairs, too! (we live on the fourth floor with no lift access). Anyway, since he found out that he can climb stairs, he's even rejecting babywearing more.

The thing is... my little one seems to know and behave when Momma needs him in the sling most... when I was paying my last respect to my late granny... when we were at the bus terminal waiting for the bus to and fro Penang... when we need to wait in queue for something... when we are in a crowded place like the recently over Penang PC fair...

Could it be because I usually sling him all the time at crowded places, so, he's used to it and not rejecting it? Could it be because he sensed the need to behave while Momma is busy? Could it be because he knows that he should be quiet and calm when Momma have to pray for great-granny?.. Guess I will never find an answer to these questions.

All I can say is, I am glad that my little one is no longer having a strong resistance to the sling and will cooperate when I need him to... making excuses for him to be in the sling sometimes, though... as I do miss the days when I was wearing him everyday.

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