Monday, May 5, 2008

Arthur's graduation to hip carry

This is Joe. It's the latest addition to Arthur's toys. One of the longet outstanding sewing project I was to make for Arthur is something that incorporates different ways of openings/closures. I was to make a fabric book for that using recycled materials...

We came across Joe and it was on sale. For less than RM20, Joe is much better than any fabric book I could make... it's got a zippered shirt, big buttoned vest, velcro shoe on one leg and shoelaces on the other... it is the perfect excuse... ermm... replacement for the fabric book I was about to make.

Why is he called Joe? Well, it's just one of the names that would match 'Jane'... the doll that the teacher in Muzikgarten uses when she teach. Arthur likes that doll very much.

Anyway, it's been 3 days now since Joe was brought home. For the first couple of days, Arthur did have very good practice taking off Joe's clothes and leaving them lying on the floor...

Today is the third day Joe is with us and to my surprised, Arthur asked for his sling so that he could carry Joe around.

Now, as you can see, Joe is much, much bigger than the Pooh Bear Arthur used to wear.... in a way, Pooh Bear is the infant and Joe the toddler... so, Momma have to teach my little one the hip carry.

Arthur's so happy with the new carrying position... after all, this is the position that he was worn as most of the time... he is bringing Joe with him even when he plays with other toys.

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