Thursday, May 8, 2008

Common Sense

In my years of employment, I have always been involved in training... most of the time, I am required to train the junior staff who are new in the company.

It was then when I was able to spend time observing the tips and tricks to getting the information into someone's head.

One most common mistake most trainers often misplaced is the assumption that out of common sense people should know what something means. They do not realise that common sense to one might not be all that common to others.

For instance, to people living in Australia, it is common sense that we take care of our own rubbish disposal (i.e. throwing away the empty cups, burger wrappers, dirty serviettes etc.) in McDonald's. In Malaysia, we simply do not do that. What do we do? We just leave it on the table for the staff to clear them.

If the above example seems far fetched... maybe, consider something closer to our lifestyles.

It is common sense for some to expect traffic jams at peak hours... when people get to or off work... however, if you are a housewife who rarely goes out at those times, the thought might not occur to you at all. Worst, when you try to let if off with your friends/family for being caught in traffic, they simply reply "You should know that".

In babywearing, while the pouch is known to be the easiest to learn, there are times when people just cannot imagine how to put it on correctly. Not even with the assistance of videos and photo instructions. That is the reason why babywearing gatherings are essential to make it work.

If you are not able to attend a gathering, you can always try to search on forums to find a babywearer near you who could be interested to share with you a trick or two.

Just bear in mind... there's nothing to be shy about. Ask away... as we know that common sense to one might not be so common at all to another ;)

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SOHO Mama said...

Hey there Jess..i like this post. I let my maid use the ring sling most of the time on 5mo Zuleyka (if need to) however if she dozes off, the position changes to cradle carry (correct?)but sometimes I notice my baby's whole head is all covered, just afraid that it'll turn out like using a bag sling! It's just not common sense to the maid that the baby can be deprived of air. I'm fortunate to be working from home so I could see to these issues...