Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better than CDs?

Calling all CD addicts! Now that you love CD-ing sooo much, have you ever thought that there could be something that is even better than CDs?

Using CDs to cure my little Arthur's nappy rashes, I must admit that I was amazed at the results and in no time at all, turned into a CD addict. Then again, given the price of CDs... yes, it would save you money in the long run but we must agree that not everyone have the amount of money required to start off full on CDs... it wasn't really easy.. especially when you can be easily addicted for your little one to look cute ;p

Anyway, have you heard of Elimination Control? Do you think it would work?

What is Elimination Control?

"In a nutshell, Elimination Communication is about the Communication.
  • It is about helping your baby to go 'to the toilet' somewhere other than a nappy, some of the time, then more of the time as they grow!
  • It is about learning to observe baby's bodily rhythms, body language and practicing responding in such a way that your connection is enhanced, benefiting your whole relationship.
  • It is about sometimes anticipating the needs of a pre-verbal human being and experiencing their joy that you understand them. We strive to improve our bond.
  • It is about gently supporting their instinctual awareness of their body and attempting to understand them, and helping them feel 'relieved'.
  • It is about using nappies as a tool rather than a necessity.
  • It is about reducing the 'ecological footprint' of waste generated by a brand new human.
  • It is about enhancing your connection and understanding of your baby's needs - often into other areas of their care, and this is really empowering!
  • It is not toilet training, it is not 'coercive' nor is it impossible! It is gentle and responsive, or it is not EC. YOU can do it!

With EC we help the baby stay clean and dry until they gain independence in their own time, at their own pace - gradually.

Is it a better way? No, it is another way of addressing a baby's hygiene needs over full time use of nappies and changing dirty nappies for years. A parenting option.

Think of EC as another skill you can learn, another baby care option."

Extracted from
Find out more from here.

All I am saying is... for those who really want to ditch those disposables but not able to afford CDs... why not try Elimination Control (EC)?


Elaine said...

I'm doing it with my baby now. :) Didn't know they have the term for it call EC.

Henrietta Harvey-Baron said...

We love Butt Paste so much over here in the UK. It's soooo difficult to get hold of though, but it's coming here or so the news sites are saying, can't wait :)