Wednesday, May 21, 2008

KL Babywearers 1st Official Gathering

It was the very first official KL Babywearers Gathering and it was mainly a meet and greet session :) where those interested in babywearing joined to check out what babywearing is all about.

There are also quite a few who attended just pick up tips on babywearing with what they already have... mainly the pouch and the ring slings.

With the help of a member of the Malaysian Babywearers, we are able to gather at a free space where food is provided... thanks heaps!

Arthur busy showing people around the place
Just at the right time, after the demonstrations with the bear, my little Arthur asked to be worn in the pouch! So much for his boycotting babywearing ... he is into promoting babywearing, too ;)
Cradle carry in Littlepods with head out
Doing some magic with the Peek-a-Pouch ;p
Registration and info sharing
Overall, it was a good turnout for a start ;) I had lots of fun getting to know KL Mommas and Papas and Bubbas and Arthur got to make new friends.


allthingspurple said...

hee the part where Arthur play usherer . and wow, what a big turnout !!! too bad we had to balik kampung that day

halinazairi said...

hi jess,
wanted to attend..
but we had family member visiting it was our anniversary weeekend. :)

hope to join next time.

Jess said...

it's cute, isn't it? My heart just sort of melted when he came up to assist in a demo voluntarily after my 'talk'...

Hi Halina,
No problem. Hope to catch you next time round ;)