Saturday, April 12, 2008

Missing babywearing already

Hmm... babywearers... have you ever thought that your little one would just boycott being worn altogether? All of a sudden?

Sad but true, that's what My Little Arthur did. Yes... back from Aussie and still "Put back...." whenever he sees the sling. Though he will cooperate when I negotiated with him that it is easier and safer when Momma have to be carrying luggage.


Never thought babywearing could end just like that... I've read so much about how the elder kid still gets excited and wanted to be worn when they see their parent taking out the sling for the younger babies...

Don't really know why... perhaps, it's the new found 'legs' and new found independence to wander around by himself... I guess this is just something I would never really get an answer to..

Now... very tempted to try for a second baby despite being 'advised' so often already :p

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halinazairi said...

hmm.. another baby would be great :P

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