Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's election day!

I simply couldn't believe it's election time again. While I am not really a very political person, I still remember the fear in me during the last elections. That was the very first election that had me interested. Before then, I just didn't bother.

Why was the last so interesting? And, why the fear? Guess I am just one of those people who are afraid of what changes it will bring with a new PM and all. In more ways than one, I must say that I am all into the new PM's way of focusing on the little things in life... such as better public service, better public transportation etc. Well, I am in no big business to see it from the other point of view but I am just a plain o' citizen who takes the bus... who needs to pay taxes... who needs to get a passport done.... and with these, I saw changes that I like ;)

Riding in a car, passing all those election banners... asking for votes... DH made a comment which could not be more true... "Malaysians way of trying to win over in an election is to highlight what the other party cannot do instead of highlighting what they themselves can do"... how true is that? Instead of promising better hopes, they try to belittle the others...

Anyway, whatever the changes, guess we'll just have to live it through. After all, the only thing that's constant is changes.

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