Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Adjustable Pouches

Have you heard of adjustable pouches? Do you know what they are? Well, just do a Google search and you will find that adjustable pouches can be a tempting find for a pouch sling lover! (I would love to put a pic here but I am not into stealing pics from the Internet)

Simply put, the adjustable pouch is your favourite pouch, but ADJUSTABLE! Now, wasn't a great drawback for pouch slings are that they aren't adjustable? And, no... we are not talking about the hybrid ring slings with a short adjustable tail. This is still very much a pouch sling where, once adjusted, there's no fuss with buckles, rings etc.

Are they all good? From reviews and researches, well, let's just say that I have not found one that is really tempting enough for me to try on. Probably because I can sew my own pouches, I am taking my time to find the ultimate adjustable pouch system that is comfortable.

I stress a lot on comfort. Out of the many ways to adjust a pouch... snaps... hook & loop... zippers... I imagined that hook & loop should be the best when it comes to "not feel a thing" but will it actually last and will it actually be safe enough. Knowing hook & loop from my CD experience... I must say that I doubt it will last. Unless, there are special hook & loop designed to last? IS there such a thing, to begin with?

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shida said...

i tot hybrid ring sling is the kind of adjustable pouch.

i loved ring sling for the adjustability esp during bf but i loved pouch for the popability and the comfort.

zipper seems strong enuf esp those zip on jeans... but it may not be comfortable...