Saturday, March 15, 2008

Disposables... worse for little boys?

At the mention that disposables are worse for girls than boys in my CD Review 2, I did get questions where I got that information from and whether it is a trusted source.

Finallly, I've found the page where I've read about how disposables could contribute to "increases in infertility and testicular cancer of the last 25 years... as disposables makes it 1 degree hotter the average temperature of a boy's testicles in a disposable nappy". Where is this from??

Along with other facts and figures through research, check out the Facts & Figurespage on the Australian Nappy Network.

Hilighting some that got my attention...

"Every disposable nappy ever dumped still exists today as they take centuries to break down."
  • Those disposables, however breathable, are more like our plastic bags than we are willing to accept...

"Washing/hanging out/putting away nappies for a bub in cloth full time takes 7 minutes a day - less time than it takes to go to the store and return home with a box of disposable nappies."

  • How true this one... Using CDs have taken off my alertness on sales and discounts on Disposable Diapers. I still remember how I used to keep looking out for discounts on them.. it's the diapers section I check first everytime we were at the supermarket... then, I'd go to another supermarket to compare the prices... who knows how much the going around comparing costs! Just glad the phobia is all over now... I can walk past the disposable diapers aisle without giving it a second thought now ;p

"100 intestinal viruses leach from untreated human waste at rubbish dumps, contaminating ground water at land fill and creating risks to sanitation workers."

  • Think, parents, think! Think about what the future will hold for our babies... Did you want them living on a landfill where their nappies are buried?
  • Something close to my heart since school age... "We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors... We borrowed it from our children"

"50% of total household waste will be disposable nappies, in a household with 1 baby using disposable nappies full time."
  • This would be very true to those using disposables full time. I was only using it on Arthur for outings (at home, he uses the lampin... still does) and already, it was like needing to clear the rubbish every other day. Probably cos we got out very often... Even then, he would sometimes need 3-4 changes at night... we would have changed him to a disposable diaper to get ready for bed... he would poo in it... then, change again... poo a litle bit more.. change again... got that? Sometimes, the nanny even clean the little poo off the diaper to reuse... cos diapers are like more than RM0.50 each... it's like throwing away money! Then again, I don't much like the idea of reusing it though her intention is to save me money.
"3.5 Litres of water needed to make each disposable nappy."
"1 Litre of water required to wash a cloth nappy (depending on machine, and how many nappies are washed in one load)."
  • These two is enough for those worrying about how using CDs will increase the water bill. If environment is first on your list, you wouldn't mind so much who's paying for water, would you? Overall, it saves water!

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giddy tiger said...

This is the main reason why I made the choice to switch to CDs for my son. Not really the financial aspect of it. :)