Monday, March 17, 2008

The many ways to an ORANGE baby

Ok, ok... now, don't be too excited if you have a love for orange and babies.... no, we are not trying to perform some magical transformation here. Indeed, this is everything about what you SHOULDN'T be doing so much of, unless you want your baby to turn into an Orange. No, no... not the fruit, rather the colour of the skin.

After a while, I've come to realise that, as a new parent, I am usually not the only one who encounter some 'silly sounding' mistakes.

This particular one has everything to do with what we feed our little ones.

When our babies reaches 6 months of age, this is usually when we start introducing them to solids. As most recipes suggests, some of the 'right' food includes... pureed pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes and the like. On the fruit side of the story, we've been brought up to think that oranges are great in Vitamin C and it's important for us to take in Vitamin C.

Are you beginning to understand how our babies can turn orange?

Like many new parents, all I wanted to do was to provide my baby with the best possible. Naturally, that includes nutritious food. Boy, was I happy and amazed when my baby showed great interest in pumpkin. I am not one who puree food... I was giving him small cubes of pumpkins, boiled soft enough to be mashed with the tip of the tongue... read Chew Baby Chew... at ten months, he can almost finish a full bowl of that. Pumpkin is nutritious, right?

Since we were only to provide pure food for those first years... for a pure start towards a healthy lifestyle, I began giving him pumpkin, alone or combined with other food such as rice, brocolli, carrot etc. etc... most of the time... and, in no time, I've got an Orangey baby!

Nothing wrong medically but as the Doctor advised, food should be given in moderation. We shouldn't be taking in too much of something all the time.

Yes.. I know... but, why was I not practising it with my baby? Probably, I was too afraid to give him too much variety at such a young age, in fear that it will not be right for him. Probable, it could be because I was just too lazy to try more since I've found his 'favourite food' which is so easy to feed to him? Probably due to the reason that I didn't even once doubt the goodness of pumpkin?

Anyway, our babies should have a healthy colour and the colour orange definitely has nothing to do with that.


raggedyanne said...

hahaha, this is so funny jess, who would have thought they can orange-fy their babies, eh? this is a classic case of too much of a good thing

30 Minute Mommy said...

My mother-in-law told me that my hubs was an orange baby. She gave him way too many carrots. haha

Jess said...

Hi Anne, Yes... that's why I've decided to do this post... after I realise many do not know about it and keep giving their babies these 'nutritious food'.

Hi 30 mins, good for you... you were warned before it happens ;)