Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2 Pouches 1 Toddler

A simple trick if you have two pouches and a heavy toddler is to wear your little one with 2 pouches. It kind of mimicks a wrap and will help distribute the weight over your two shoulders.

I have purposedly chosen contrasting fabric, hoping that the two pouches are obvious

This is how it will look from the back
As you can see, it is still very important to practise the same principles as you would with one pouch... just repeat what you are already doing with one pouch.
  • ensure that the fabric is still wide open and not scrunching up to your neck
  • ensure fabric is well spread out across your back

The above can also be done with the ring slings, only you have to have mastered adjusting the rails before you try it.

Possible positions with 2 pouches/ring slings... tummy to tummy, hip carry and back carry (with help of another adult for putting toddler in and taking toddler out).

Happy Experimenting and Happy Babywearing!

Ok ok... don't get over excited with the word "Experimenting". Please ALWAYS experiment with care. You might want to try new carries near a bed or other soft landings if you are unsure.


30 Minute Mommy said...

Thanks for the tip! Now I can give DH a reason to get another sling. haha

Jess said...

Hi 30 mins Mommy, My pleasure. Yes... I still get more and more reasons to buy more slings ;)