Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cloth Pad Review

My experience with Cloth Pads started after my menses resumed (when Arthur is 18 months old... delayed due to breastfeeding).

Having tried it out for about 3 months now, I believe a review is in order ;) Please note, though, that this review is more towards comparing the different systems used in Cloth Pads rather than the different brands of Cloth Pads available.

Unlike Cloth Diapers, I did not really spend much on cloth pads. Reason being, I am trying out the different systems used instead of experimenting with fabric choices.

It's pretty clear now I can sew more of the system I like for my future stash. I am pretty happy for the Cloth Pads to be constructed with just flannel anyway.

DIY Cloth Pad... Pocket with Inserts

This is my very first stack of Cloth Pad for myself. Due to the excitement to try cloth, I'd sewn this even before my menses resumed. The DIY instructions can be found online, together with instructions for cloth diaper sewing ;)

I had no idea that the very first system I've sewn up is the system I love best. It's pocket style where you can actually control the absobency level by varying the kind of inserts used. Just like your pocket CD. The two smaller pads you see on the right are the inserts. They are made with 5 layers of flannel, all sewn in... I'm not really heavy on my menses, so, two sets of the inserts work well for me as daytime pads.

For myself, I did not put in any waterproof barrier. I find this more comfortable though you might want to opt for those with PUL backing if you are starting on Cloth Pads or if you are mainly out of the house most days. Otherwise, with use, you will be able to know when is the time to change without being fearful of an overflow.

Sckoon Giza Organic Cloth Pads

Skcoon was the one particular brand of Cloth Pad I 'ooohed' and 'aaaahhed' over when I was researching on Cloth Pads. The colours are trendy, the organic cotton has got good reviews. The first thought that came to my mind when I first 'met' Sckoon was "Now, that's a clever system".

Like aforementioned, I am more interested in trying out different systems. So, even when this was quite pricey, I didn't mind getting a set of it just to check it out. Especially when it's organic. Have I mentioned I've got a thing for organic stuff? Clothing included.

Anyway, to be honest, I was really impressed at how comfortable and soft the organic cotton felt. I even held it to my face!

However, it is quite disappointing when I found that the fabric shrinks... after which, it no longer fits into the holder. I ended up having to fold it lengthwise... meaning, less absorption.. huh... definitely not the system for me.

Also, the snaps sometimes come undone by itself. Embarassing this may sound but there was a time when the pad totally came off when I was preparing to pee.

To top it all, the waterproof layer is not so waterproof, after all.

I am usually not so much a critic but with the price they charge... I'd reckon it's goodwill keep others informed.

So much so for a clever system where you supposedly can just replace the inserts for a clean feel... :(

Moon Sister Cotton Menstrual Pad

From the very day I purchased this, I had a feeling that this is not for me. How true that is... This is also a pocket style cloth pad, only the pockets open a different way and the outer shell is claimed to be handmade in Japan. The sturdy construction of the outer shell did somewhat impressed me for a moment.

As a start, I didn't like that the inserts are jsut two pieces of towel hanky sewn together... I am open to ideas... so, I tried it on anyway... no.. way too bulky with those hanky.

While the outer shell looks sturdy and all.. it's much too sturdy for a comfortable feeling, if you know what I mean.

This is one pad that ended up unused after the first couple of uses. huh...

Homemade Mama Ultimate II Cloth Pad

These are soft.. these are comfy.. these are absorbent.. these are great! Only drawback.. price. Then again, as with CD, I would say they are worth your sen. After all, I am a sucker for comfort and I believe in spending more on things that cannot simply be acquired from Malaysia.

Only reason why I didn't go for more is I don't really need pads for heavy flows.

Generally, though, I am not so fond of AIOs type cloth pads as I just cannot go past the feeling that it's not clean enough. With pocket style pads, I can remove the inserts and wash them seperately... Just me, I guess.

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